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Beth Lydi

Beth Lydi – pure groove from the north

Not even one million inhabitants live in the capital of Norway, but this already makes it the largest city in the country.

In addition, Oslo is also one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia and thus looks back on an exciting history and past. Countless historical buildings are clustered here, surrounded by the rugged nature and fjords.

But also spectacular, modern architecture and cool trendy neighbourhoods can be found in beautiful Oslo.  And this is exactly where Beth Lydi saw the light of day. The dynamic artist combines exactly these qualities in her works.

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An active free spirit with a flair for the special. No wonder, then, that it drew her early in the wide world and she made a stop in Berlin, among other places. Her creative output is always full of energy and passion and one step ahead of the trend. Now Beth Lydi releases with her new single Nordic Gateway on her label Snoe, which is run in cooperation with Andreas Henneberg, two impressive and club-ready productions.

Image by courtesy of Marie Staggat

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