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BinaryFunction, top notch acid house

This guy is simply amazing and so passionate about his music. Only recently we had a proper chat with Paul Panik who goes under the moniker as BinaryFunction. You can read it here on our website. Do check it out in case you’ve missed it.

BinaryFunction, a UK-based artist, has been around for many years. A little while ago, last June to be precise, he dropped a massive EP on the London-based Bade Records, called USER. It got quite some attention and tracks were used in sets from Adriatique and Will Atkinson to name a few. And it deserves the attention because this is acid house from the top shelf.

Paul’s mantra:

You have to be totally for the music, the people and the love of the music, that’s all that matters. For me music is a way of life, it is my religion.

So with his whirlwind of a release called ‘USER’ and the great interview we had, we asked Paul to make us a guest mix. He dropped us one crazy joyride with released and unreleased work. So buckle up and get in a looping state of mind.

After living on the island of Mauritius for 12 years, Paul returned back to his hometown Manchester. Building a reputation as an underground DJ on the island gave him the feeling there is more to discover. He has been honing his production craft and DJing skills, waiting for the opportune moment to release his music and land some gigs.

If you are still looking for talent for your gigs:

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