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Bonobo @ Brunch Electronik Barcelona

(Image by Kevin Jaako)

Sunday afternoon Simon Green, British musician, producer and DJ known as Bonobo, was mixing during the 5th edition of Brunch Electronik in Barcelona. He simply blew my mind.
I didn’t know his music before, even though he has been around, growing in the music industry for over 2 decades, and is actually famous worldwide now.

Being one of the world’s hardest working artists in the electronic music scene has allowed him to become a superstar in his area and also allowed him to expand his technical skills, while remaining loyal to his personality and style.

I didn’t know what to expect but I discovered a magician last weekend: for two hours long Green engaged the crowd, going from one rhythm to the other, provoking motions and emotions in everyone out there. I could see people being carried away by his music under a warm sun and clear blue sky.

I opened Shazam and discovered the truly amazing Cirrus. A track from his album The North Borders (2013), which I simply fell in love with and have been listening to it ever since I left the event.

While you are at it do listen to the album:

While writing the article, I was completely in the zone with Bonobo and also played his previous work, my favourite going for his first work called ‘Animal Magic’, released in 2000:

May you listen to his music and enjoy it as much as I did … 😉

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