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New Old Technology

Brazilian Createch Records drop their second techno release

The emerging techno producer hngT released his debut EP “Self Control” via the Brazilian techno-focused record label Createch Records. The name of the label is inspired by the union of creativity and technology. They are now getting for their second release. A masterpiece you’ll read about in this article.

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Connect with Createch Records on Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

The EP called Time To Dance will feature three original tracks by a techno duo that has just formed but is headed by two extremely creative and innovative artists. We are talking about New Old Technology, the union of Bervon and tarter. Uniting a new and old generation.

We are from different age groups and generations, but we have mutual respect and admiration for each other

“We are from different age groups and generations, but we have mutual respect and admiration for each other. So why not make younger people listen to tarter and older people listen to Bervon? This was the beginning of the emergence of New Old Technology”, explain the duo. 

Scheduled for Friday, July 23, their “Time To Dance EP” carries the main characteristics of both producers. On Bervon’s side, aggressiveness and dark atmosphere. On tarter’s side, the faster beats and minimalism of Techno. While the album is not officially released, you can check out the previews:

On the release day, New Old Technologies will perform their hybrid live format on Alataj Lab, stay tuned! 

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