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Vagalume Records

Brazil’s oldest Trance label, Vagalume Record wants to conquer the world

Delivering quality for almost 20 years, the label renews itself to achieve much more.

In its historic path, spreading Trance throughout Brazil, the label Vagalume Records managed to put together new talents and provide memorable experiences since 2004.

Acting behind the scenes of Universo Paralello, the label now is in a renewal moment. Since the beginning, they’ve been pioneers on producing raves, sculpting culture around this movement. With itinerant parties, they raised the bar on the knowledge of producing events at the time, delivering unforgettable moments to the regulars.

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At the forefront and with eyes open to trends and changes in the market, the label has in its list of artists, names such as: The First Stone, Burn In Noise, Vegas, Yasser Hanzi, Ekanta, Nevermind, Hujaboy, Etnica, Major7, 28, Dickster and Digital Culture.

Bringing the best of Full On and Progressive Psytrance, with influences on modern and underground, this team has solid work and is a reference in this style. Of this year’s projects, it’s worth mentioning the single “Dark Star” by Labirinto, “Bulgariam”, by P-TRIXXX , “I Have A Dream” by Baladeva and “Crazy Time” by Backspace Live. In addition to these releases, the beautiful work of Ekanta for the album “Ayó” of 2021 deserves recognition.

The album Tunes of Soul, by the great artist, Digital Culture:

And the compilation celebrating the 20 years of Universo Paralello, in a special that gathered big names who performed there:

Continue following “os vagalumes”, or “the fireflies”,  ‘cause the producers guarantee much more coming, other than some releases throughout the year. Lucky for us!

Article by Sofister

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