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Brendan Void

Brendan Void’s The Postman and the Witch

Some people do their best not to be put in boxes. London-based composer and filmmaker, Brendan Void surely is one of them. He is doing more than his best to get his music and visual work out there for an audience.

His latest work, “The Postman And The Witch”, is out on Dec 16. For us, it is hard to define the musical genre but it is an absolutely banging tune. We especially love the approach with the wobbly bass and incorporated vocal cuts.

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Brandan Void mentioned in a chat his video entered a few film festivals. This proves his versatility and eagerness to get his project out to the maximum possible audience.

The music video story is a subtle horror theme, a witch seeks her next prey – an eccentric postman (the performer is actually a postman in real life, not an actor!). The witch hypnotizes him & gives him one last euphoric rave experience before she rips his heart out of his chest & consumes his soul to a playful Techno beat!


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