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Bruce Zalcer

Bruce Zalcer and the influence of Panama’s Latin rhythms in techno music

From Panama to the world, DJ, producer, executive and founder of Dialectic, Bruce Zalcer has blossomed in techno with powerful releases on the electronic scene. The artist began his musical journey early in childhood, learning to compose and play various instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, and mandolin, unaware that he was already, in a way, building his future in the years to come. 

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In his youth he became interested in electronic music, but this passion remained for years a mere sidekick in his life, as a hobby, since he’s really busy working as an executive, but at 38, this sidekick became the protagonist and since 2020 Bruce dedicates himself entirely to the production of music and events. 

The musician began his electronic career at 38, proving that age is no obstacle.

“I really didn’t listen to electronic music for most of my life. My influences come from metal, blues, and Latin rhythms that are pervasive in Panama. I started gravitating towards listening and making electronic music at age 37-38”, he says.

Through the most potent Techno subverts, Bruce consolidated his sound identity and it was a matter of time before his talent reached important labels such as Terminal M, KD RAW, JAM and Suara.

“Before starting a track, I visualize what I want to create and then sit down and start working on it. When I make a song I want it to be something that’s a part of me. An expression of a feeling, idea and/or situation which I’m going through or have gone through. I don’t make songs for the sake of it”, finalizes Bruce.

When I make a song I want it to be something that’s a part of me.

Bruce Zalcer

With a deep and inspiring sound, the producer makes himself a great influence for artists who believe it’s past time to establish themselves. Bruce has the mind of a timeless creator and reaffirms his power with rich layers that highlight his experience with music since childhood. The intent is to teleport listeners on a journey of self-knowledge that permeates body, mind and soul. 

Article by Mia Lunis

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