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Montenegro-based DJ & Producer Buba talks about collaborations and daily routines.

Buba about collaborations

Born and raised in Niksic, Montenegro and currently based in Tivat. Producer and DJ, Buba’s ideas are mostly based on house sound, but also a variety of different sub-genres of house music, like progressive house, deep house and sometimes harder beats that are narrowing to the line of techno.

Earlier this year North South Project released ‘Black Shadows’ with us. On 24/12 we’ll be releasing a remix pack for this fantastic original track. We took the time to find 3 artists we really dig to create an edition that stands out. We had an eye on Buba after we heard about his album “Dreamlands” and his EP together with Jelly 4 The Babies. It was totally clear for us Buba had to be part of this project.

We are so happy he accepted and delivered an awesome piece. Ahead of the release, we took the time to have a chat with Buba and talk about collaborations and routines. Check it our below.

North South Project – Black Shadows (EKDK remix) is available via Beatport, Spotify and other digital outlets.

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When & how did you first get involved with music?

Well as I was into breakdance when I was 12/13 years old I think that was the time I figured out how rhythm ‘works’ and it greatly influenced my interests in music.

What is your process when you start with a remix?

The most important thing for me when I’m working on a remix is to find a solid sample which I really like.
In the beginning, I find a section of an audio sample which I can cut and arrange as I like. And then it’s basically trying out different variations so I can arrange my own rhythm around it and proceed into the remix.

In general, what characterize your music style?

My music style characterizes emotion trough warm notes of a synth and lively percussions. It stretches from bright & playful to darker vibes depending on how I feel at that given moment.

Collaborations can take on many forms. What role do they play in your approach and what are your preferred ways of engaging with other creatives through, for example, file sharing, jamming or just talking about ideas?

I’m always thrilled about collaborations with other artists! It can be very interesting and fun. I like working on a mutual project and we propose, advise & experiment as we go with it. It is important for me to have the freedom from the other side so I can work as I feel and without limiting myself to a specific genre or style.

Could you take us through a day in your life, from a possible morning routine through to your work?
Do you have a fixed schedule? How do music and other aspects of your life feed back into each other – do you separate them or instead try to make them blend seamlessly?

I don’t have a fixed schedule for quite some time now. Only if I take a specific day with a plan in mind to take the best out of it.

When the day is beautiful & sunny I like to get up early and use it wisely. As I get up I make some breakfast, make myself a coffee and I go for a ride with my bike. That energises me and I tend to look for inspiration & motivation during the ride. So when I get back & sit in my studio I feel refreshed, inspired and free to make music!

During my production hours, I like to have a few short brakes to refresh my ears and I get right back at it. Very often do I connect various aspects of life with music. Sometimes I feel the urge to pour some moments of my life into music. Whether those are moments that have passed or moments that I wish to be in. That is why I make sometimes nostalgic & sometimes futuristic music.

Thank you!

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