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CHARTIN, the newest and coolest platform for musicians in town

It has been rightly said that; talent may just not be enough. Many examples abound of individuals who seem to be less talented but are doing exceptionally well in their music careers, unlike the highly talented ones. In a time and era like this, it is not enough to just produce or churn out a song. It is expedient for a song to go through the process of quality assessment and fine-tuning from other professionals, as well as music marketing and promotion for it to reach the targeted audience.

It was to this end that the owners of CHARTIN recently announced the launch of their revolutionary and dynamic platform that is focused on providing top-notch services to musicians by connecting them to music industry experts. All musicians have the potential and capacity to become heroes, but even heroes need trainers, and that is why this unique platform was created to help them find the professional trainers they need.

Global matching platform

It doesn’t matter where the musician is based or resident, CHARTIN has got everyone covered. They are a global matching platform for musicians to meet experts they need to advance their music abroad. CHARTIN allows musicians to upload their music and pay to reach out to certain outlets, playlists, influencers, and more.

Speaking enthusiastically, a spokesperson of the company said: “I am thrilled about our latest initiative. Music is life, and we strongly believe that music can save people and the world at large, and that is why we have provided a platform to help musicians get the necessary support that would assist them to put their music out there in grand style. We have tested, qualified and verified experts and partners that can help with this. I am absolutely delighted, and I know everyone would be super satisfied with CHARTIN.”

Suffice it to say that the services rendered on their platform includes; music feedback, music promotion, and music mixing/mastering.

“When selecting a music promotion service, there’s a lot you want to keep in mind before you pull the trigger and hire. You want someone who listens to your music and comes to the table with suggestions based on you, your look, and your art. You also want someone who proposes items you wouldn’t have thought of yourself or programs you don’t know how to operate.”

Next level solution, CHARTIN

Just like SubmitHub, PlaylistPush, Groover, and Protege that allows artists to draw attention to their release by reaching some of the most influential blogs, YouTube channels and Spotify playlist curators in the world in just a few steps, CHARTIN does much more. While some of these companies focus on one type of music promotion, CHARTIN is looking to help musicians tackle it all in one go.

“Musicians can find and book services from professionals who can provide feedback, promote their music, and mix/master their music output. CHARTIN is certainly your best bet for one-stop music promotion shopping. You don’t want to sleep on this platform. Do check it out today,” the spokesperson concluded.

To know more about CHARTIN, pay them a visit on their website.

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