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Christioan Bonori releases Indus EP on Jaw Dropping Records

Christian Bonori drops a melodic bomb called Indus

Christian Bonori was born and raised in Italy but soon conquered Europe and the rest of the world. He started out in 2000 when electronic music had already reached a proper amount of recognition all around the globe. He is a true legend and Jaw Dropping Records is welcoming him on the label.

Christian is known for killer productions and an eye for the detail. That’s why he was already discovered by some of the biggest labels: Suara, Yoshitoshi, Time Has Changed and the list continues. But not only that. It seems like every artist wants to remix Christian’s tracks. His work has been reinterpreted by Felix Kröcher, Pig & Dan, Hans Bouffmyhre and many more!

Indus is a melodic bomb that’s full of hypnotic grooves and percussions.

His debut EP is called “Indus” – like the famous river in Pakistan. It’s a melodic bomb that’s full of hypnotic grooves and percussions. Its key melody spirals through the track for six and a half minutes and is carried by a constant four to the floor beat catapulting you into a different universe.

It seems veryone wishes to remix Christian. Beatamines took his precious time and transformed “Indus” in a more melancholic kind of track. His remix is super groovy as well but shoved the main theme more into the background, focusing on minor chords and a minimalistic break with synth elements for the little extra.

The second track of Christian’s Jaw-Dropping EP. “Dabih” is the name of one of the stars in Capricornus. It’s that spherical energy that definitely reflects in the track. The driving house beat is supported by choir-like chants that could be soundscapes coming from space.

After inviting a superstar like Beatamines for a remix, the label asked Daniel Jaeger who Berliners will know from the Criminal Bassline parties and label or Wilde Renate’s Bordel Des Arts – one of the coolest parties in town. He completes this perfect house release with a more percussion oriented version of “Dabih” that is a little more stripped back, less drama and buildup but without lacking Christian’s core aesthetic.

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