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Copyrider about Adamant & Riding Horse

The character of an individual is usually shaped by experiences, impressions and incidents. Those external influences are precisely the indicator of what makes one different to others. In music as well, one experiences different phases and continues to develop his own character or style. The Mannheim based DJ and producer COPYRIDER embodies exactly this – the personal touch that distinguishes him as an artist from others.

Influenced by the scratchy sample beats of the 90s Hip Hop culture, COPYRIDER is also well versed in House music, which he has called his home for a long time. His sets are characterized by groovy beats and oppressive basses, loosened up by the right pinch of harmony. He knows how to combine partly pop melodies with technoid elements and creates a vibrant mix that moves someone to dream.

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Hey Orhan,
Hope all is well in these strange times? How are you coping with the situation?

Yes, that’s right, at the moment it’s really strange. Let’s hope that it’s over quickly and that normality returns soon. At the moment it’s a bigger challenge in the times of corona. Currently, I spend a lot of time with the kids and try to catch up on many projects and things that have fallen through.

How do you keep the energy flowing?

In the current situation and in times of corona you don’t really have a lot of possibilities. At the moment I try to use the time to rest and sleep as much as possible. As far as it is possible with the kids. Otherwise, of course, I work on many new projects and make music diligently.

Let’s move back in time a bit. Tell us about your early passions and influences and how it all started out for you in the electronic music scene?

Music has always been a big part of my life and especially the ’80s and ’90s have influenced me. It all started in my teenage years playing at private parties of friends. Even back then I had a great love for music and always the newest records at the start, so it’s clear what I care about music. Especially the old-school hip hop influenced me, which you can still find in my sets today and of course, electronic music has always been a very big part of me. I used to have a lot of jobs in the gastronomy and I also organized a lot of parties myself, which I still do today. So I have always been a part of this scene. At some point, I just had to decide in which direction to go musically, for me it was clear that electronic music will become. electronic music is very diverse for me and there are possibilities to combine and unite it with all kinds of music. No matter what it is.


For COPYRIDER, music is more than just entertainment – it is life energy and passion, balance and driving force, a homely feeling and at the same time, the urge to discover something new.

How would you describe your sound and style?

Puuuuhhhhh that’s a good question. My music and sets are characterized by groovy beats and pressing bass, loosened up by the right pinch of harmony. I think I manage to combine partly poppy melodies with technoid elements to create a driving sound that makes room to dream.

Can you explain this: “combine partly pop melodies with technoid elements and creates a vibrant mix that moves someone to dream”?

I think this question is already answered. 🙂 This track is exactly what my style is all about, this track manages to take everyone on a journey and make them dream.

You’ve just released a track, “Riding Horse”. The package says: “Where Italo Disco meets Progressive House”. Fill us in, what can we expect?

The track contains different style elements from different genres. In my opinion, it explains best the mixture of Italo disco and progressive house. The groove and the drums are stylistically very discoly and partly remind of the sound of old Italo disco tracks. The synth sounds, on the other hand, sound modern again and sound very progressive. In the end, you like the or not, no matter which „drawer“ you put it into. If someone feels better to put the track in the segment deep house etc. He can do that for himself. ☺

What was the inspiration behind it?

With this track, I wanted to take the audience on a journey and put them under my spell. I wanted to have a track that people can hear at any time of the day and at everything they do, no matter if in a club, at the beach or at sports. I hope I succeeded!

What’s next? Any other new upcoming work you are working on or ready to hit the stores?

At the moment there are still some projects and new music in progress. Some more releases on great labels and above all we are currently working with my colleague and friend Thorsten Hammer on our common project – ADAMANT. There will be some new stuff in the next weeks and months. Let us surprise you.

What’s the best rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

Currently I honestly don’t know any rumors about me. Let’s hope it stays that way.

We’re currently living in a world where people hunger for flesh and wanting that social contact. What will be the first thing you’ll do once we can really go out again?

The first thing I’m going to do is to meet up with friends and party again. Especially to get out of the house again with the kids. I hope that everything will go back to normal soon and that we can bring some normality into our lives. It would be nice if it would start again with the bookings, because as a DJ without gigs you are a little lost.

I am happy that I can spend a lot of time with the kids and that all my family and friends are well and healthy. I am also very much looking forward to the project – ADAMANT and especially to be able to continue to make a lot of music to make people dance and touch them with music.

Thank you.

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