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Andreas Henneberg & Kolombo

Listen to the new electrifying track by Andreas Henneberg & Kolombo “Crazy Skills”

Following prolific and distinct paths, two powerhouses reunite to produce the track “Crazy Skills”, the newest release of SNOE Music coming from the collab between Kolombo and Andreas Henneberg. The original mix stands out with a dark and hypnotic bass followed by a strong beat that shakes the listener to the core. This intensifies when the vocals dictate the groove and guide the listener onto the dance floor. 

The title makes perfect sense when you hear such mastery and skill of the producers who collaborated. Listen!

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Connect with Andreas Henneberg on Spotify | Instagram

Kolombo is a master when it comes to House, while Andreas Henneberg has established himself following the paths of Minimal and Techno, and it’s simply amazing to hear the fusion of these strands with such clarity – the connection with the track happens naturally.

It’s about having fun! At first glance, it sounds simple, but it’s not. Managing to communicate a joint proposal that brings together innumerable references and still makes the public identify and enjoy themselves is no easy task for any producer. On the musical side, the ease of a simple sequence of synths and arpeggios makes the work tangible and sophisticated, reverberating a vivid articulation of the modern new wave.

Article by Mia Lunis

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