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Daniel Allan

Daniel Allan releases his highly anticipated Glass House EP

US producer and Web3 musical pioneer Daniel Allan releases his new Glass House EP this September: four highly distinctive and emotionally resonant tracks that incorporate elements of house, electronica, r&b, alt-pop and chillwave.

Daniel Allan is crushing it all on fronts. A musical polymath with an irresistible talent for turning out melodies that will break your heart and knack for collaborating with all the right people, he’s also at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. He created waves with his 2021 EP “Overstimulated” which caught the attention of publications such as TIME Magazine, where he was celebrated for demonstrating a potential new path for independent musicians.

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Earlier this year Allan released singles Chasing Paradise (w slenderbodies) – a flawlessly produced cut that straddled the boundary between bass, house and indie-dance – and Gorgeous (with Reo Cragun), a track that incorporated elements of chillwave, alt-pop and electronica lamenting the breakdown of a relationship and the emotional wreckage that follows. Landing 30 September, his full Glass House EP includes these singles and two brand new tracks: Cool Water (with DEEGAN) and Glass House (with DLG).

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“Cool Water is about making sure the people in your life have your back. DEEGAN, who wrote this song, actually quit smoking nicotine during the writing camp for this EP. Everyone there was worried about him and a light bulb just went off for him and he quit that week & wrote this song with me. It’s about appreciating the people you have in this life and never taking it for granted.” Daniel Allan

Cool Water is arguably the most club-orientated track on the EP, skipping along on a 4/4 house beat with a thunderous tom-led bassline. But as with all of Allan’s production, there are multiple layers and tonal changes, with a depth that keeps his music endlessly fascinating.

If Cool Water is the emotional apex of the EP – a cathartic payoff long in the making – opening track Glass House is the perfect entry point to Allan’s singular world: a stripped-back r&b that showcases both the delicate nuances of DLG’s vocals and the visceral power of Allan’s beats.

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