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Tanzgemeinschaft | 24/04/2018

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Dario D’Attis’s Jersey House infused Bogaloo

Dario D'Attis
Claudio Capo

The Italian bases record label, Lapsus Music, state they function like an open lab to give artists all over the world an opportunity to meet and share ideas and opinions about music. They continue their persistent release scheme with yet another sublime shuffler. The next release comes from Dario D’Attis and is called ‘Bogaloo’.

The EP contains two tracks. Both cuts are originals with a fresh sound that leans towards New Jersey House with a tripped out vibe. The title track, Bogaloo, is an eight-minute house rendition with chopped up vocal samples and slinky hi-hats enhanced with lively elastic drums. A real floor shuffler right before peak time. The other original, Try Moon, contains a real NYC basement vibe with its fresh percussion and clean groove.

Keep an eye on his touring schedule as Dario will be around in Europe and North America all over 2017.

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