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Darius Syrossian

Darius Syrossian launches Moxy Muzik and announces label tour

A vinyl and digital label with bespoke hand-drawn artwork, the man behind it Darius Syrossian wants to use this label to bring quality music covering all genres, which fuses music aimed primarily at the dance floor with music that has lots of depth and soul.

“I’m tired of hearing tracks that are obviously made to make the Beatport Top 10 charts! That market doesn’t interest me at all. Instead, I’m looking to release music that will still be around in 10 years time. This is the reason I am launching Moxy Muzik.”

These are the words Darius Syrossian used to answer a recent question in an interview on why he is launching his new label.

Dance of the Shaman

The first release on the label is by Darius himself “DANCE OF THE SHAMAN” & comes with excellent remixes by Man Power, East End Dubz, Doc Martin and Shaf Huse.

“Dance of the Shaman” is a turbocharged deep hypnotic thumping peak time track with warm, rubbery bass made from the unorthodox method of using an organ and driven along with a haunting lead and slick drums.

Me Me Me label boss Man Power serves up a remix which is 13 minutes of deep soulful electronic bliss. The legendary Doc Martin then strips things back and layers in some steamy female vocals to his remix, and East End Dubz (Vinyl only) does his perfect floor-facing thing with dubbed out drums and slick hi-hats. Shaf Huse then delivers his trademark peak time House sound that has been heavily supported by the likes of Martinez Brothers.

Future releases on Moxy Muzik will come from the likes of Phil Weeks, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Ben Rau, Christian Burkhardt, Seb Zito, Dense & Pika, Ray Mono and of course Darius himself.

The label will cover plenty of sounds crossing over both house and techno genres but avoiding the generic obvious sounds that Darius feels is around too much at the moment.

The Moxy Muzik label parties & residency

A series of special label parties will coincide with the launch of Moxy Muzik. These will all be held in intimate venues and clubs which is something the scene is lacking right now Darius states.

All the shows will be six-hour sets from Darius and parties are already in place for 2019 in cities such as Leeds (MiNT club) Manchester (Joshua Brooks) London (93 ft east) Liverpool, Kater Blau (Berlin), Toffler (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Barcelona (City Hall), Hardpop (Juarez Mexico) & many more are being added

After playing two shows in one week at Joshua Brooks in June that sold in 24 hours Darius chose the venue to be a place where he will throw a monthly Moxy Muzik party.

Here you can watch clips from one of the 6hr sets back in June:

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