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Day Out of Time

Day Out of Time recalls 3 unforgettable career moments

A Brazilian soul, Alexandre Cesar Chaves lives and draws inspiration from Brazilian culture to produce his powerful Live Act called Day Out of Time, proposing something between Organic House and Downtempo. In a natural way, Alexandre emanates an energy that shines through the places he walks by. He started his career in 2015, but the Day Out Of Time project arrived only in 2019, bringing performances with surprising, innovative and unique performances.

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At 27, his trajectory has gone through several changes; in his personal and professional construction, he received an education without borders and leaned towards simplicity. He studied guitar, electric guitar, and piano, always with the intention of finding his true artistic potential.

In his retrospective, it’s worth mentioning his time in the capital of Techno, Berlin. There, he played and participated in great festivals around Europe, such as Waldfrieden Wonderland, Hainacht, and Ebbe & Flute. Currently living in Brazil, the artist has been shaking up the local scene with his party Rito and conducting his own multidisciplinary label, Karuana, where he made his first release in 2019.

With kind of a #tbt, we invited the artist to tell us more about these experiences. 

Momento 01: Waldriefiden Wonderland

The best night of my career, no doubt. I was working all summer through the festivals in Germany until one fine festival set-up day when I met Gane Lux who was setting up the stage at the Flauschismus (Bremen’s label and festival). We talked and talked and became friends. He invited me to do a b2b with him on the opening night of the festival. It was a very intense and beautiful connection, being that we had only met for 1 day. 

After 5 hours of b2b, our set was a success. During the next few days of the festival, some people came to thank me for the set and kept asking if I would play again, but I had no plans to do so. Until the last night of the festival when I went dancing on the stage I had played on, Gane Lux called me to come up and do the dawn set by myself. It was a magical experience to play the last dawn set at one of the oldest festivals in Europe. The audience was awesome! They vibrated with every turn and every drop. They were thrilled with the melodies and gave me total freedom to explore all my curation. 

For the first time, I felt that I could play anything and it would work. I ended up playing until 1:00 in the afternoon, after a long journey of listening to various genres of music with a lot of love. No doubt this was a turning point in my life. I will be eternally grateful for this moment.

Momento 02: Rito party with Mauricio Lopes at Galpão Dama

Playing a night with Mau is and always will be special. Mauricio Lopes has been my favorite DJ in Brazil for a long time and I’m a huge fan of his work. But this particular day was very special to me. Just because I had the honour of receiving an invitation from Cabbet, a great friend of mine and a rock star of the Rio scene for many years. He invited me to throw a party (Rito) at the coolest party venue I’ve ever been to in Rio de Janeiro: Galpão Dama. The venue was owned by the well-known Brazilian artist, Adriana Lima. 

The space’s decor was made by the artist’s own works, plus some candles and snake plants illuminating the way. For me this scenario made me feel back to the Rio music scene after my stay in Berlin. We played for an excellent audience that knew the good and the best of underground electronic music, which is not always easy in Rio de Janeiro. The night went perfectly with an elegant warm-up by the rito residents Alexiz BCX and De Buffara. 

After that Maurício Lopes came in and rocked the dance floor, then I took over the decks ‘till the end of the party and was able to play a lot of progressive house and some of my originals with a lot of love.

Momento 03: Hainachten

This gig was awesome! I played a 15-hour set with my friends from Flauschismus of Germany: Gane Lux and Tom Lok. We had one of the stages just for the three of us at a Christmas festival in the same space as the Wonderland festival in Waldfrieden. It was a very fun and challenging experience at the same time. A b3b in itself is already a challenging task, even more so for that many hours. 

I remember I played everything that night. We went through many genres and BPMs, we played classics, recent works, and work that had not been released. It was a night of a lot of growth as a DJ and mainly one of the most fun nights of my life. We laughed a lot in that circus tent. On top of that, it was very cold. As you can imagine, it was Christmas in Northern Germany!

Article by Sofister

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