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Deep groove on Aki Bergen & Richter – Nights & Days EP (NXR030)

A groove, something so intangible but yet you can feel it. You know it’s there when you hear it. So it is on this new release from Aki Bergen & Richter called Nights & Days. Four deep various tracks

After the big success of their debut EP “Diaries”, Neurotraxx label bosses Aki Bergen & Richter come back with a new, surprising, multifaceted four tracks EP.

First track Nights & Days, is definitely a slice of feel good groove. The vocals let your mind wander to distant places. A warm and bouncy synth-gush of a well-framed melody and some subtle arpeggio patterns make this track one to put on repeat.

Sacrifice is a deliriously nice dub mix. Featuring Ken Rosen who gives this track a personal and smooth touch. A deep rolling techno slide ready to take on the dance floor. Slightly deeper than than the somewhat uplifting and lightweight original. We prefer the dub version.

“South Point”, the third original is completely different than the other tracks. More aggressive but a for sure it will create a positive headbending moody dancefloor moment. Eyes closed and let the beat take control.

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Aki Bergen & Richter Aki Bergen & Richter Aki Bergen & Richter Aki Bergen & Richter

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