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Down memory lane with Deer Jade

Deer Jade’s childhood memories

Deer Jade’s melodic music will take you on a mystical journey through time and space as a portal to the depths of your soul. Blurring the lines between our planet earth, the cosmos and ourselves…

Dancing till we are one again with the vibration of unconditional love… . Enter the NOW and awaken to your divinity.

So we took Deer Jade on a delightful trip down memory lane. Enjoy her story!

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Do you have one track that really takes you back to a certain time or moment from your childhood?

Groove is in the Heart by Deeee-Lite, has to be my favourite track ever. I remember seeing it when I was little. Watching the video clip in awe, trying to reproduce the dance moves dreaming I could dance and sing like this one day! Hahaha

What’s the favourite record your mom or dad played during your childhood?

One of my ultimate favourites, never gets old!!!. Clandestino – ‘Manu Chao’

What is your happiest musical memory of your childhood?

Listening to all the Bob Marley discography at home, feeling the infinite beauty and perfection of life J

What type of music did you enjoy in your younger days?  And when compared to today, how has your taste in music changed?

I still love all these great classics I was listening to when I was younger. So, I guess my taste didn’t change too much, it just got more profound. When I go back deep into the beginning of my iTunes library, I realize how much I would love to play most of these tracks on the dancefloor right now. I just need to make some nice remixes of them, adding kicks, some nice bass lines, electronic elements and all to spice them up to the taste of today and voilààà!

I realize how much I would love to play most of these tracks on the dancefloor right now. I just need to make some nice remixes of them.

Were your parents’ musicians or did they have an affinity with music?

My parents are not musicians but incredibly passionate music diggers. They were always playing great music in the house, and the ones who would be playing music/DJing at parties with their friends. I remember huge shelves at home filled with CDs, all extremely well organized and classified by genre and energy.

We would always have music playing in the background, exploring all genres, from the greatest classics to the super experimental music. I feel very grateful for the education they gave me.

What type of entertainment did you enjoy when you were growing up?

Dancing, painting, surfing, skating and snowboarding! Always riding something.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? And music-wise?

It must be my parents, music-wise and just in general. I didn’t realize it until some years after when I left home and lived on my own. I would see them again for a few days here and there and realize how similar we are. That I’m not very original but actually just the perfect combination of them both, for the better and the worse.

Which childhood memories shaped you into the adult you have become?

Dancing with my parents and my brother like there’s no tomorrow. Feeling like life is complete, and no matter what happens everything will be good as long as we can dance! 

Create a playlist with 1 to 5 tracks that have defined your childhood.

Groove is in the Heart by Deeee-Lite

Bongo Bong – Manu Chao

Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

Rehab – Amy Winehouse

One Love – Bob Marley

Thank you.

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