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Denes Toth

Denes Toth to debut on Moodyverse

Behold the birth of a celestial phenomenon right here in Bratislava – Moodyverse, a cutting-edge electronic label that dares to redefine the boundaries of sound, embarking on an etheric journey through time and space.

Its mission? To craft a transcendent musical universe, bending genres and igniting the cosmic dance floor with soul-seeking melodies and hefty grooves that resonate deep within.

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Dive into Moodyverse’s debut release, a symphony of sonic dimensions crafted by none other than its founder, Denes Toth. The EP features two extraordinary originals, each a cosmic revelation on their own, and a mind-bending remix by the illustrious Yubik.

Moodyverse emerged from humble beginnings as an event series, swiftly becoming something more and transforming into a sanctuary for contemporary electronic artists, carefully curating tunes that pulsate with cosmic energy.

“Endeavor,” the pulsating heart of the EP, pulls you into its orbit from the very first beat. With every bar, it layers new elements onto its relentless drum track, ready to rocket start you into the musical infinite. The breakdown is a revelation, a celestial journey propelled by a dark lead synth, saturated with heaviness. Tested by industry titans it’s expertly designed to crescendo into euphoria on the dance floor. Infused with interstellar UFO sounds, the ambition of Moodyverse becomes as clear as the stars in the night sky.

Yubik’s remix takes the impossible and makes it a reality, infusing “Endeavor” with even more soul. Starting with signature drum hits and ethereal vocals, Yubik propels you toward a heartwarming breakdown. Your feet will move instinctively, the kickdrum capturing your heartbeat, and by the end, you’ll feel like you’ve voyaged beyond the stars.

The EP is completed by ‘Hlavolam,’ where Denes Toth turns their other-worldly sounds up to eleven. On your very own Spaceship Rave you will be convoyed by mystical voices, otherworldly percussion elements and a naughty, transcendent rhythm. And when you finally reach your destination, ‘Hlavolam’ unfolds its cosmic revelation through its strongest asset: a steady, but glitchy bass sound telling stories of unknown cosmic marvel. As Ridley Scott’s Alien once taught us: In Space no one can hear you scream. But ‘Hlavolam’ will be audible in even its farthest reaches.

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