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Dompe celebrates the anniversary of his label JACKFRUIT

DOMPE aka Dominic Wagner is a DJ & Producer with an absolute passion for living and working in Berlin. A day without Music is a lost day for him. He describes himself as a restless person always searching for the next track and a perfect bassline. This restlessness helps him to work day and night in the studio on new remixes and productions that are full of enthusiasm and energy.

Both his albums like “French Collection”  and singles fall on the fruitful ground and are supported by important international acts. With JACKFRUIT RECORDINGS he founded his own label in 2017, together with his wife and it is a matter of the heart. It is DOMPE’s personal, musical playground – all releases are his creative output. 

On the occasion of the 5th label anniversary and various Beatport chart successes, we talk to the down-to-earth artist.

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Hey Dompe, Hope all is well?

Hello, thank you all the best. I hope you are also well. Great to have a chat with you!

Besides DJing & producing you are also managing a record label. Tell us in short where Jackfruit stands for.

Jackfruit stands for house music. The idea behind Jackfruit is that I can be free as an artist and release what I want without following trends. The only quality control is me, and so far I have often been right with my decisions. It’s just good to have everything in my own hands. I don’t have to send demos or run after invoices anymore, which costs a lot of energy. This energy goes completely into jackfruit. I just don’t want to compromise anymore and do what I think is right.

In the meantime you even celebrate your anniversary with the label – what were the highlights of the last years and where do you still want to go with Jackfruit?

There was never an objective. We have simply always done. And apparently, we have done some things right. We are on Beatport this year in the label ranking now in the top 50 of house labels which makes us very proud. We were also able to celebrate a few million stream successes on Spotify.

The highlight was of course my double vinyl albums in 2019 and 2021, so it’s even nicer to be able to say that another double vinyl will be released at the end of 2022. For us it’s always nice to see who plays our stuff from Carl Cox to Ben Sims to Claptone.

In all of this, there is much work to do. How important to the releases are airplay, DJ support, and artist self-promotion?

Since I am the only artist on Jackfruit, I can say that self-promotion is already important. But since I’m not a social media professional, I have to admit that there is still room for improvement.
AirPlay and DJ support is very important. If for example, Claptone charted a track, it has a big influence on sales.

And what makes your label unique?

Good question! I can’t answer that so easily.  We just try to do our thing and are always authentic. Authenticity is very, very important to us. More important than success. And if you approach the matter in this way, you can only win from my point of view.

Which track on Jackfruit is your absolute favorite so far and why?

My absolute favorite is my track Lemon Ice, released on my album French Collection. I was about to throw the track in the garbage in the making but then I found this great sample. I think I danced to the raw version for hours alone in the studio. 😉

In the course of time, you as an artist have been supported again and again by media such as MixMag, DJMAG or Faze magazine. Does this also increase the pressure to succeed with new releases or are you relaxed about it?

I am quite relaxed about it. I have freed myself from what others think. For me, it is successful when I am satisfied with it.

What more can we expect from Dompe this year?
Some. 😉 The year is as good as through. Until September all releases are finished. We are also very happy that some great remixes are coming from Enduro Disco, Dole & Kom or Nils Ohrmann in team with Sqim. In addition, at the end of the year still comes a double-vinyl sampler with cassettes edition.

Thank you.

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