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Dompe releases a new album, French Collection

Dompe’s contagious disco-house fever on new album French Collection

Imagine you’re sitting in a yellow turbocharged Mustang, speeding along the Californian coast. There’s a chilled six-pack in the back seat and your sunglasses reflect the waves of the incessantly rolling surf as they pass you by.  The new album by the Berlin producer and underground DJ Dompe is blaring through the speakers at full volume.

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Perfectly balanced and bursting with energy, soul and groove, “good-feeling” house bullets. From the first to the last song, Dompe delivers an almost outrageously intoxicating album that glitters and flashes like a good spinning disco ball in a Miami nightclub in the 80s.

It is this special vibe for which Dompe is so well known and popular and which also brought him to labels such as Get Physical. His new album “French Collection” is now released digitally and on vinyl on his own label Jackfruit and can be seen as another milestone of his productions. Full of disco euphoria, tech house feeling and house consciousness.

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