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When dreams come true. Granulit presents Undreamed.

About 2 years ago, at the very start of this online magazine I got in touch with Simon and found out about his music on Soundcloud. He produces under the moniker Granulit and back in the days it was some sort of minimal music. Not bad at all. I liked it a lot but felt there was room for improvement. So we kept talking and sharing music. And over time I could see and feel things were progressing.

Music became more sophisticated, more layered and Simon added more structure. So about a year ago he released an unsigned track called Obsidian which sounds just fantastic. Also the rest of his unsigned work feels great. Too bad nobody is picking it up for a release.

As things kept moving we gave him a platform and Simon made us 2 great guest mixes.

I could see he kept pushing his limits. When he recently told me ‘Granulit’ had a record deal for a first release, I felt it was a well-deserved reward. Not just a small reward. The great Underyourskin records, home of Satori, Jonas Saalbach, Schlepp Geist, Just Emma and others, gave him the opportunity to sign and release on the sub label Black Hills Recordings.

It’s a small 2-track EP called ‘Undreamed’ and it’s pretty dark matter which we at Tanzgemeinschaft like so much. We can secretly say Simon sent us 4 tracks before he got the deal and we told him this was great stuff. So hopefully the other 2 tracks appear on a release as well someday soon.

Undreamed is out now and available on Beatport.

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