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Allan Blue

DSRPTV Rec goes back to its club vibes with Allan Blue’s “Celestial Satire EP”

The Brazilian label DSRPTV Rec continues to enhance its catalog of releases with its musical versatility. Now it’s DJ and producer Allan Blue’s turn to present his fruitful sound journey, which evokes a bit of dance music history (Roland’s drum machines and synthesizers). He adds the more contemporary features of Minimal, Deep Tech and Micro House to the project.

Brazilian DJ and producer explores Minimal, Deep Tech and Micro House 

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Born and raised in the country’s capital, Brasília, Allan starts the EP with “Walking On The Edge” and its calm yet hypnotic waves. Then, “Dog’s Bark”, is “detailed in its own simplicity”. It has the acidity of the 90s and the minimalist beats that consecrate the artist’s work. Then, “Celestial Satire” embarks on a lower BPM and an introspective melodic atmosphere, without losing the experimentalism. 

“Dante’s Inferno” suggests a Deep Tech ambience with subtle noises in the background. “Effulgence” comes right after, maintaining the minimalistic aura and old-school beats with elegant melodies. Finally, “Zumbi” (Portuguese for “Zombie”) brings a sonority that can sound weird or chaotic at first – but so would the imminence of a zombie attack, right? 

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