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Eduardo de la Calle - Mars

Eduardo de la Calle drops a phenomenal Mars EP

Amazing things always come when you don’t expect it. Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper, turn left or right unexpected to find brilliant things. We have a mailbox filled with many promos for which we want to thank every record label that is sending us their music. We listen to a lot of it and most things are good. Only we can’t keep up with the reviews and sharing.

So with this release we got something from our good friends from Take Away Music sharing with us their upcoming release from the Madrid based artist Eduardo de la Calle. A well respected dj/producers bringing fine audio on this world. As a DJ and label owner of the vinyl only record label Analog Solutions he is paving his way in the music industry since the early nineties.

As he is running a vinyl only record label it comes to no surprise Take Away is also releasing Eduardo’s EP ‘Mars’ on vinyl as well. ‘Mars’ contains 3 tracks, 2 on the A-side and 1 on the flip. ‘Be Alright’ is a melodic organic built tune. Very pompous as it grows with a catchy loop that runs from the beginning ’till the end of the track. Leave everything out and it’s a minimal bomb. Eduardo let’s it grow organically and moisturizes with small details. On top he adds this distorted sound creating chaos. The vocals are there to rescue. They are like that little voice in the back of your head telling you are going to ‘Be Alright’ in a nervous situation. Put it on repeat! Please do.

‘The Stand’ featuring Joolz is amazing. it’s not new as it’s been around since the 80-ties. Made by Joolz back in time, getting a make-over by Eduardo de la Calle. And what a transformation it is. Joolz’ vocals are well used and defining the softness of the track. It’s not linear, it has something melodramatic, sadness yet covering a day to day conversation. We are in love with this track. As Eduardo calls it himself, ‘inelegant techno’, it indeed feels that way. There is a two-step but with a dissimilarity. Tune in, you’ll love it.

Here is the original:

‘Mars’ the title track is just like ‘Be alright’ uplifting only a bit more percussive crazy and has a minimal edge. Simple straightforward & atmospheric cut.

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