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Edward Wagner releases Negative Space, dark & dubby techno

Edward Wagner drops his second EP called Negative Space

Owning a music blog is a nice way to get in touch with interesting people in the music industry. Artist contact you for podcasts or reviews, with labels the same. It opens doors and you get an easy access to artists and get to do interviews. But what’s most interesting is that you get to meet people, like-minded people. Last October we met Eddie Wagner in a pub in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event.

We had an interesting talk about running a blog, promoting music and him producing own work. Being a person running his own non-music related business I really want to give him all the credits of pushing his limits and producing great music. Next to this business he started his own record label called EWA on which he promotes his own work.

Living in Glasgow, Soma Records city, you can hear the influence. Edward Wagners’ new drop is called ‘Negative Space’ and contains five tracks of which two originals, a remix by fellow Glasgow based techno producer Petrichor and two by house & techno veteran Simon Baker.

The music on Negative Space is typified by a dark and dubby techno groove with a melodic edge.

Opening track ‘The Fear’ techno track feels like a walk in a dark and misty forest with a feeling being haunted. A minimalistic textured flavoured techno track. Title track ‘Negative Space’ on the other hand is a real twisted techno cut with a dark melodic undertone that rises to the occasion. Sure is our favorite of the release.

Soma Records producer Petrichor takes it from another spin with a a vicious assault and dropping in a heavy pounding bass line on his remix.Veteran Simon Baker lives up to expectations and adds a layer of squeaky percussion, melodic rhythms and a lean groove. It feels more uplifting and energetic. Call it bounce-bass madness.

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