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Egokind – Diamond Days (Traum V172)


Just signed on Traum records. Berlin based Egokind is an artist like no other. Plays Bach flawless on acoustic guitar, played in punk bands for years and has built up a large following through his own doing. The thing he’s interested in is creating a unique sound that is not exchangeable. And since he spent the last year and half seriously recording music, egokind made the decision to release more eclectic and complex music on Traum. Did he found his own sound?

Diamond Days

The 6-track EP, Diamond Days, contains his most recent productions and opens up with the folk powered self-titled track “Diamond Days”. The intro is special with gated sounds, flanger like effects and catchy beat. It’s a wailing sound with cut up samples and a very nice vocals by Egokind himself. All the elements come together very well and create a very nice and mesmerizing sound. Put on repeat and you’ll be spellbound.

The second track, “Mijal”, is more heavier and rough on the edges. The repetitive ritme makes you wanna get up and dance. Can’t be missing in one’s dj-set. Then “Fade Me”, this third track on the EP seems to continue were “Diamond Days” stopped. Same formula with nice soft vocals and a soft beat. We for sure can feel the summer with this one.

The next one “Blood” starts with a heavenly piano, divine synths and is a much more playful track, including a childlike melancholic melody. The track sounds like waking up in a morning glory, walking barefoot through dewy grass.

“Nuba” is a collaboration between Egokind and Parra For Cuva and picks up the happiness of “Blood” but expands on the melodic side. Then “Sinus”, the last track, was produced by Egokind & Ozean. It’s a perfect closing track for this EP as it feels like there is no end. You still want more. So you press repeat and start all over.

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Listen to a preview of the album:

Watch the video of the title track, Diamond Days:

Rating: 4,5/5
Label: Traum Schallplatten
Release date: Feb 3, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Diamond Days
  2. Mijal
  3. Fade Me
  4. Blood
  5. Nuba
  6. Sinus

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