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Entropia-Entalpia releases a new EP called Diegese

Entropia-Entalpia releases Diegese EP on Brazilian record label dsrptv rec

The multi-instrumentalist and producer Matheus Câmara, aka Entropia-Entalpia, just made his debut on dsrptv rec, Brazilian label of Tha_Guts and A.Cittolin. The artist introduces Diegese EP, with a remix signed by Nørus and another one signed by the record label’s crew, a usual conduct at each launch performed.

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Following up on the mentality proposed by the record label to present electronic music beyond the House & Techno standards, the member of the project Teto Preto introduce us to a reflexive and contemplative journey. Through experimental and minimalism, he scapes the obviously expected sonorities and brings it to the dancefloor, a concept well-worked by the label.

“Cena 1”, the track that opens the story, shows a riveting instrumentality between piano, percussion and bass enhanced by vocals. On the other hand, “Cena 7” expands what’s been presented by the previous track with the addition of broken beats, based on breakbeat, jungle and drum’n’bass, without losing the power of the soundscape that floats above this fragmentation. 

On the revamp made by dsrptv rec, the random ambience and granular textures are clear, those being features of the label’s identity built-in during their releases. Check out the results:

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