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German producer EZRA released his EP- Akte Eros

EZRA ‘s world of futuristic sound

In the era of mass production, it seems like the music community has forgotten to listen to music unless it fits into an already defined genre. With this premise as a starting point, many so-called artists don’t even try to break the rules. Instead of using music as an expression of their freedom, they follow the trends and stay caged.

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However, artists such as Ezra are unable to be followers. This brilliant producer opens the door for a completely new universe of sounds. His latest release on the Twin Town Production label fits the bill 100%.


Rhythmus 22 is where Ezra’s imaginative blend of downtempo electronica, spiced by unconventional noises and catchy authenticity, begins to radiate. Eros is where his conceptual approach shines the most. The music is both dark and slinky and plays with a collage of samples no one would think would fit together. Despite everything, they very well do, delivering an exciting rush of abstract emotions
and creating a one-of-a-kind soundscape. Futur 2 is the closing work of art that manages to keep Ezra’s sound signature but mellows it down a notch and succeeds in closing the release as a conceptually pure experience of sonic expression.

All in all, Akte Eros is a perfect example of futurism mixed with nostalgia, a visionary score that could work as both a motion picture soundtrack and the soundtrack of our lives.

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