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Fabio Neural

Fabio Neural – Italian Techno at its finest

This guy seems unstoppable. Fabio Neural is an Italian DJ and music producer that has personally taken his talent and used it to propel his career within the Italian and International music scenes. At the age of 17, Fabio’s passion for music began and the first turntables were constantly used by him. Already in 2007 he won a DJ talent competition on Ibiza and got the opportunity to play radio on stations like famous Ibiza Global Radio. Only three years later he released his first song on VIVA, label by Steve Lawler.

Fabio Neural is continuing to make his mark on a global music scale with new releases and new stages waiting for his energetic set around the globe.

Further promising productions made it onto great labels and into the sets of well-known DJs as well. 2016 can be counted as a particularly groundbreaking year for Fabio Neural. Carl Cox not only played one of his tracks up and down the world this year but also invited him to play on Ibiza – play in the Main Room of Space in Ibiza for the last season of his Music Is Revolution party series. The rest is almost history, so gigs followed around the globe in the hottest locations, like PURE Australia, Egg London, Creamfields UK, Amnesia Ibiza, El Row Tenerife, Origen Fest and even a B2B set with Grandmaster Carl Cox.

Fabio Neural

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Hello Fabio, could you tell us a bit about your musical background? Where are you from and when have you fallen in love with music?
Hi guys, I come from Rosignano Solvay, a small town in Tuscany, Italy.

I fell in love with music at an early age, around 13/14 years when a friend of mine brought us the recorded tapes of best techno Italian parties of those times. I’ve been always a self-taught so I never studied music or something similar. It was all about the passion I feel for music.

I grew up with the Italian Techno scene during the ’90s but in the years I learn to appreciate all kind of music, from Deep-house to Tech-house still loving Techno that it is what I enjoy most when I’m playing.

You have been playing in the UK, USA and Italy and Spain during the last months –What were the great experiences during these gigs?
Each gig has his history. What I love most is getting to know new people, make new connections and visit new places. Italy has the hottest crowd in the world but playing at Ultra Resistance in Miami was like a dream after being a raver there myself, years ago. Origen Fest in Mallorca was a blast, I had the chance to play a sunset set in front of like 8.000 people and before Carl Cox.

And what were you doing on that very long flight to the USA? What can you recommend to kill time?
Honestly, I spend most of the time sleeping or watching films. But I also read books or I organize my music for the upcoming gig.

What was one of the best events you have played so far in your whole career?
Mmmmh, great question. I have to mention 2. Carl Cox The Revolution on the main stage of Space Ibiza in the last year of its existence and the b2b with Carl Cox at Cocorico’. Two magical moments full of emotions that I will never forget.

You’re often seen with Carl Cox. What do you appreciate the most about him?
Carl is special. He has been my mentor since I was 19 years old when I discovered his set, full of power. I always liked his ability to mix a different kind of music in the same set but keeping it strong. But I chose him as a master not only for the music but also for the person he is. He is DJing for over 30 years and he still continues to enjoy playing music and he has so much energy and a positive vibe that he spreads with the crowd during his sets. He also takes time for his fans, always smiling and open to taking photos despite the tiredness of his tour.

Despite your numerous gigs, you regularly release on hip labels. How do you manage the balancing act between studio work and touring?
I travel a lot but not as much as other artists. So, for now, it is quite easy and I still have enough time to dedicate myself to studio time.

What’s around the corner?
Some interesting music on the way. I have an EP on Spartaque’s Codex, released on August 30, I’ve just released a VA on Toolroom with DJ Fronter. We will also have an EP on the big Hot Creations coming during the next months. Plus 2 VA’s, one on Rawthentic and on InDeep’n’Dance Records.

Not forgetting to mention some important gigs as I will be touring in Australia and Singapore in October.

Thank you.

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