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Fausto Fanizza - Glowing in the dark

Fausto Fanizza – Glowing In The Dark. A blissful deep house affair.

Italian producer Fausto Fanizza dropped a real nice EP last month. It’s never too late to discover and great music needs to be shared, talked about and most of all enjoyed.

Fausto’s DJ career started back in 1992 already. Working his way up by playing in various clubs in and around Milan (Italy), trying to define his sound, we can’t say he did a bad job. With releases on Arjundeep, Hed Kandi & Ego Music he can be called a top producer for sure.

Glowing In The Dark. Blissful deep house music.

Recently he released his second work on the UK-based Static Music imprint. Three tracks featuring new and familiar ideas for those who are known with Fausto’s sound. The titel track ‘Glowing In The Dark’, is a collaboration with fellow producer Thomas Schwartz. ‘Glowing in the dark’ is a seductive affair with lush pads and a nice rolling beat, making this a blissful deep house release.

Random Words (Ethereal Mix), the second track, is very recognizable as it builds upon Fausto’s first release, ‘Lift me‘. This track is an alternative interpretation of that track. Similar themes and motifs swell and build, though a new vocal hook sits on top of this alternative mix.

Last but not least is a majestic edit by Davide Randazzo. Davide known for his work on KOMPAKT and Parquet recordings turns ‘Random Words’ into a pulsating dance floor oriented cut. A bubbly synth bass, an ethereal melancholic piano melody and sweet vocals, make this an undeniable shuffler. Especially when Davide retains the undeniable atmospheric vibe of Fausto’s music.

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