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A fine sense of groove: Kotelett & Zadak bring Triphoria (Home014)

It’s hard to keep up with so much great music out there. So many great artists dropping so much music. But these guys always cross our path with their fabulous music. Following releases on Katermukke, URSL and Underyourskin, Hive Audio, Berlin-based producer/DJ duo Kotelett & Zadak recently released their new album Triphoria (10 tracks), on Hommage.

If we can recommend some of Kotelett & Zadak’s tracks, do check out some of their releases on Katermukke: funny, funky, groovy and highly made for dance floors around you. We could give you a dozen of tracks but here are 2 we love and want you to listen to.

Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to move?

Monkey Safari are proud to announce a brand new album from Kotelett & Zadak on their celebrated Hommage label with some great deep & tech house releases. Kotelett & Zadak new born is called, as already mentioned, Triphoria. This 10 track LP showcases this German pairs expansive and accomplished sounds in all their glory, from ambient to house to samba and back again. All 10 amazing tracks, with some we have been playing over and over the past couple of days.

As DJs they are accomplished players who know how to make a floor move and they’ve put all their years of experience into this fantastic full length. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to see the guys play. We are looking forward to that day. Pretty sure the experience will be massive.

On this release things kick off with the downbeat slow mo synths of ‘Arpeggio Dreams’. A slow stepper with a Balearic groove it is. Simply gorgeous. Moving on in French with the next track on this album. ‘La Lune feat. Gabriela Lindlova‘ speeds things up a bit. A deep, romantic and groovy track with playful melodies and rhythms. We like the lyrics in French! For us this can be played at the end of set and can last forever and ever.

This is one fantastic album. A journey of 10 tracks with a fine sense of groove.

‘Triphoria’, the title track is really nice: slithering synth textures and soft harmonies. The intro of the next track, ‘And&And’ reminds us a bit of Silicone Soul’s glorious ‘Right on’. Can you hear it as well?

Calming down things and creating an ambient atmosphere it feels that Kotelett & Zadak are creating a short break in this long player. ‘Light’ takes it slowly. But that is just for a short while as ‘Let it happen’ makes your feet move again. Great vocals on this deep cut.

Stepping it up a bit after these tracks. A warm and deep sound on ‘Bodies in the Night’ with lyrics which can easily be replaced with ‘Riders on the storm’ from The Doors. This track as a sublime dark vibe. Amazing track.

‘Milla feat. Gabriela Lindlova’, is a wobbly, late night slow burner. Pure seduction. Gabriela Lindlova really does a great job on all tracks.

This album is an eclectic piece of work. ‘Everything I Do’ is something totally different, more disco with a killer bass line and atmospheric vocal 60’s chatter and a Hammond killing it. Last track on the release is called ‘Take me back’. If you ask us, just go back to start and press repeat. This is one fantastic record. A journey of 10 records with a fine sense of groove.

Triphoria from Kotelett & Zadak is out now and available on Beatport.

01. Arpeggio Dreams
02. La Lune feat. Gabriela Lindlova
03. Triphoria
04. And&And
05. Light
06. Let It Happen
07. Bodies in the Night
08. Milla feat. Gabriela Lindlova
09. Everything I Do
10. Take Me Back

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