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Five of my life: Raw Silver

Five tracks that had an impact on Raw Silver

The ‘Five of my Life’ tracks in this article come from Raw Silver, co-founder of the record label Honest Electronics and the yearly festival “The Gathering”.

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Arthur Russel – Springfield
Every time I listen to Arthur Russel it feels like I’m going to school. The ingenuity in his compositions and generosity of his emotional scale will always struck me.

Matthew Herbert – Jalal Malekidoost
One of my favourite of Herbert’s sides. One Club album is for me a showcase of the club language he has created through his career. I love the dynamics and the impossible rhythms it contains, truly inspiring.

Rene Hell – Meta Concrete
The piano moves around the harsh ribbons of noise, the intense contrast creates such a magnificent image. A dance between the two different worlds into coexistence. It was one of the tracks that really helped me come to peace with both feminine and masculine energy inside me.

Evigt Mörker – Sol Som Får Tidens Hjul Att Stå Stilla
The depth and purity of this track became my true north compass for selecting tracks for a DJ set. It’s an absolute atmospheric techno monument with a hidden entity inside it.

Rhythm & Sound – Smile
This has been for years my “after the rain” track, it’s silent yet powerful in the right ways. The lyrics describe kindness and the dub atmosphere just accelerate the emotions into a calm sea of enlightment.

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