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Fonome’s atmospheric and acidic synth-laden mix

On the music scene since 2001, Seville based DJ and producer Fonome ((Alfonso Ojeda)) has not stopped making moves. With a number of machine heavy productions behind his belt and an ever-growing presence behind the DJ booth, Fonome is quickly garnering support and interest from the scene with increasing focus shown for his productions and track selection.


Nearly two decades behind the decks have allowed for ample time to develop a deep understanding in musical curation, while the ongoing growth and hustle has reaped plenty of benefits on and off the decks; whether it would be beat making in a studio or sharing the booth with Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola and Eduardo de la Calle.

As a previous clerk behind Seville’s legendary Union Records store, he currently occupies a job at the port of Seville where the industrial environment shines influence on his recordings and promotes the merging of the learnt history of the music scenes with day-to-day work mechanics and engineering of commercial shipping economy.

Fonome’s productions often rely upon the two and form a bass heavy, atmospheric and acidic synth-laden grooves that may as well be as easily plaid at a port or a record store or any other space that may be as open to create a sound as to take it in too.

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Where do you come from and what makes that place so special for you?
Seville is my place of birth, located in southern Spain. The weather is always good what makes it important to people and gastronomic culture. It’s also the main reason why street life is really exciting: people are outside exchanging opinions and culture, always drinking beer.

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in and around the city?
Electronic music in Southern Spain is in a permanent battle for their survival. Even despite the fact, the city is rich in creativity. Because of the variety of people who have the need to express themselves artistically and in different disciplines, the clubs spend too much effort scheduling big names, that do not have a good reward, and so they are forced to close. The big problem is the lack of common ideas among local collectives and developing a cultural scene.

What excites you the most as being a live DJ/producer?
What I always try in my sets is using new and current sounds, mixing them with tracks that I have always carried along. To be able to connect them with the public. Normally, when you already know the set is working on the dance floor, I like to play records of different styles, knowing that everything will work well.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
When I started buying records, shortly after, I began to work in Union Records for 4 years. It was a meeting point for all electronic music lovers in Seville. At the same moment, a new world opened up for me in clubs and parties. People united by electronic music.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
Day by day. There are triggers that create, stimulate and influence my mood. I think it is important to focus and use them. Then imagine how you can show those stimuli in your music using the tools you have. On a daily basis, my work goes between my job as a surveyor in the port of Seville, close to big ships and cranes that load and unload the cargo, and the studio where I start to work my system and all of these things influences continuously my music.

Plastikman is the concept that has most influenced me in my sound and my way of understanding music. It was one of the first artists I met and I really liked how he made those acidic melodies, creating psychedelic atmospheres that transported you as in a space movie.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
When recording a mix to upload to platforms like Soundcloud, I imagine that it must be suitable to listen to at any time of the day. Not only to listen to it in the car but also to go to the club, as well during any afternoon with your cup of coffee and your headphones wanting to forget the shit day you’ve had at work.

What’s your favourite song to date?
Plastikman – Closer

Thank you.

01. Antigone – Rising
02. Boston 168 – Khindi Raver
03. L.B. Dub Corp – Nigth Time Hawk
04. Fonome – Another Psychedelic Afternoon (Orbe Remix)
05. Fonome – Black Pigeon (Eduardo de la Calle Remix2)
06. Architectural – A Girl No Friends
07. Marco Shuttle – Cybernia
08. Shifted – Control
09. Shingo Suwa – MDF
10. Artefakt – Falling Into the Light
11. Wata Igarashi – Question and Answer
12. Steve Parker – Stellar
13. Architectural – Never Yours, Boy
14. Daniel Avery – Glitter (Jon Hopkins Remix)
15. Dj Metatron – The Journey

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