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Fractal Architect

Interview: Fractal Architect

Fractal Architect, candid

It was real pleasure having Fractal Architect wanting to do a guest mix for us a little while ago. Ever since I have an eye on all he produces, including the zillions of remixes he does. What’s to like about Fractal Architect’s music is that he has a very unique style and creates very nice melodic dance music, often with a dark twist. There is always something of the hook and according to me that makes it unique.

It’s amazing how passionate one can be with music. Dan Watts who goes under the moniker Fractal Architect truly is, according to me, the centipede in the music industry: producing own work, producing a lot of high quality remixes, day and night maintaining his Twitter account, undoubtedly a great father, loving husband. Hope he does not need to maintain his garden as well. 🙂

Only recently we had the chance to sit down and talk about his career and his music. We must say we are inspired by a person doing do much for his music. Keeps me and us here at TGMS going!

Enjoy the interview.

Please tell our readers who you are?
I am Dan Watts aka the UK based producer Fractal Architect.

What’s the true meaning behind Fractal Architect?
Well.. I am a qualified architect. And I love fractal geometry.. Particularly how it occurs in nature. You just need to look for it, and once you notice it, you realise it’s everywhere!

As a veteran in the music industry, you have witnessed many genres come across. Which era was the best time you’ve experienced thus far?
I loved the late 80’s, early 90’s.. As techno clubs and warehouse parties began to pop up . Amazing times…

Maybe it’s harsh to say you are a bit older than most youngsters out there producing music. But with the experience you have, what advice would you give people starting out in the music industry?
Don’t write formulaic music. It’s got to be from the heart. When sending demos, always follow the rules for each label, and don’t pester them! If they like your work, you’ll hear from them soon enough.

Listening to your monthly radio show Depth Perception on DNA Radio, we find you have a real knack for picking the right tracks. How do you stay up-to-date and find all those new releases you use in your show?
I get a lot of demos sent to me now. But there are a nucleus of artists and labels that always deliver the sounds I’m looking for. I keep my eyes and ears open at all times.

TGMS: Same thing you did in the guest mix you made us last December. Great mix with all new tracks at that time. For those who’ve missed it:

Throughout the years you have releases on countless record labels. What was your biggest accomplishment & best moment to date & where do you see yourself going this current year, any big plans or you just going with it?
I guess my biggest accomplishments are when my tracks are played by legends like Hernan Cattaneo and Gabriel Ananda, a highlight last year also was having one of my remixes featured on Paul Oakenfold’s ‘back to mine’ compilation series.

My plans are always based around my family, it’s non negotiable. But I have been developing my sound over the last year or so, and incorporating a lot of new instruments into my studio, which is defining my direction over the coming months and beyond. My EP Melancholia will be out on Cinematique on March 14.

Only recently Manual Music released a mini compilation called “Tales from the Deep” with a track of mine. Next would probably be new work on Baroque Records. So stay tuned!

You are doing remixes as if your live depends on it. All great work. Is this something you like to do? Shaping other artists work to create something new/different?
Remixes are a strange thing. I can have anything up to five or six going at any one time, and it has at times got a bit much.. But having said that, there is a wealth of good music out there from so many great producers and I enjoy the challenge of shaping it into something new in my own style. I have tried to focus more on producing originals recently and many of these will be coming out over the next few months.

Have you ever thought about starting an own record label?
Many times. But I’d rather be producing… So that’s what I’m doing for now.

What about the future? You have 4 children. Are they interested in what you are doing? Is there a Fractal Architect Jr bitten by the producing/djing bug and ready to conquer the world?
My son Sam is 13 and has quite a bit of talent. He’s into breaks and bass music, and his beats are awesome.

Please recommend two DJs/producers which you feel deserve more attention.
Dan Baber is a brilliant producer from Australia. He has worked on remixes for me several times, and we co-wrote an EP on Stellar Fountain last year

Is there something that can surprise you musical wise?
Music never ceases to surprise and excite me. It is constantly evolving and developing, so there is always something new and surprising around the corner.

And personal?
Watching my children grow and develop their own personalities, likes and dislikes, is the greatest experience of all.

What’s your all-time favorite track? Can be any genre.
The sound of silence. Simon and Garfunkel.

Finish the sentence.
Life is … what you make it.
My guilty pleasure is … strong coffee.
A bad habit of mine would be … saying yes too often!
As a child the poster above my bed was from … Gary Numan.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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