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From single sensation to full album bliss: ANALOG announcement by VELVE

Exploring the pulse of contemporary Berlin Techno, VELVE unveils the highly anticipated first single, “NAVIGATION,” a precursor to her forthcoming album, ANALOG. The track pulsates with a technoid fervor, seamlessly blending hypnotic tones, propulsive drumbeats, and synthesizer textures draped in midnight hues. A contemplative break, skillfully interwoven with VELVE’s distinctive and guiding vocals, serves as a dimensional gateway, inviting listeners to delve into a heightened realm of consciousness.

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As a multifaceted artist — singer, composer, music producer, and video artist — VELVE operates her own recording studio in the vibrant city of Berlin. Her prowess extends beyond the sonic realm, garnering international acclaim for her video art. In 2021 alone, she earned ten nominations, including prestigious accolades such as the L.A. Music Video Award and the London International Music Video Award.

Her creative journey includes a platinum award in 2016 for a collaboration with Deichkind, and in 2021, she received the esteemed Make Art Not Fear Award. VELVE’s musical and artistic endeavors continue to shape the contemporary landscape, bridging innovation and recognition in the heart of Berlin’s techno scene.

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