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Funkwerkstatt talks music

Funkwerkstatt about his music and label

The electronic music scene is like a cloudless night. Countless, equally brilliant stars light the sky. Many new acts are quickly discovered and disappear soon afterwards, like streaking satellites or pulsing comets. Still others are like space junk, spinning aimlessly through the nether. There are a few, however, that shine brighter than the others and despite their perennial presence, continue to burn brightly. Following a supernova in the year 1999, the constellation Funkwerkstatt, who is also head of Superfancy Rec, appeared on the firmament of the Party Galaxy. The project is well known for its individual, fresh and novel style of electronic, minimal and tech-house sounds. Numerous releases and remix projects, for fans of italo disco, Detroit and Kraftwerk sounds, are evidence of the artistically demanding accomplishments. After countless gigs both in the party scene of their home region and beyond, Funkwerkstatt is setting off, like a celestial storm, to course through the national and international club universe.

We sat down with Funkwerkstatt to have a little chat about his music and label.

If we ask you to describe yourselves in 3 to 5 words, what would it be?
Down to earth, always on the move, music-enthusiast.

When did you first start to develop your musical process?
I was born in the GDR. As a teenager – shortly after the fall of the wall – I started to get in touch with techno music. I went to parties in Berlin and bought my first records. That was a crazy time. Anything was possible. I fell in love with electronic music right away and shortly after, I started performing as a DJ. 1996 I produced my first record, 1999 I started performing as FUNKWERKSTATT.

Do you remember when you launched Superfancy records?
We started Superfancy Recordings in 2006 in order to release our own records faster and easier. Since then, Superfancy has become a small but mights label, which releases my own tracks and music by friends.

What are your biggest influences actually besides music?
Berlin definitely is a big influence. It never stands still. The party scene has changed a lot – from small parties in abandoned houses shortly after the reunification to one of Europe’s biggest and most famous places for electronic music. Berlin has always been a melting pot of ideas. I find that very inspiring.

You are presenting the 10th anniversary compilation and a special mix, done by yourself. Do you remember one really impressive moment of your label history?
Oh yes. A very inspiring moment was, when I held my first Superfancy record “Hitkompass” in my hands – a vinyl, of course. Another milestone was the release of the track “windrose” and the remixed version by Format:B on “Hitkompass Nummer Zwei EP”. To date, it is the label’s most popular track, internationally licenced and attracting attention all over the world. Not to forget, Superfancy Recordings’ tenth anniversary. I’m very proud of the latest compilation featuring exclusive tracks by our label artists.

You as FUNKWERKSTATT already released on the big labels like Suara from Spain. How did you end up working together?
In 2014 we had the idea to produce a re-release of our hit “windrose” with special remixes by Purple Disco Machine and Kellerkind. We send the tracks to Suara and they loved it. They released it right away with an additional remix by Suara’s head of label Coyu.

What do you do as an artist when you have a block?
Creativity can’t be forced. When I have a block, I take a break and do something completely different. Going for a walk and letting Berlin inspire me works quite well.

What records will never leave your bag?
LFO – LFO (Warp 1990)
Slam – Lifetimes
Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz.

Your most impressive gig so far?
I had quite a few amazing gigs. Highlight was the Fusion Festival as well as our performance in Mexico city with Fisherspooner (Gigolo records) in front of 20.000 people.

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?
Summer, sun, party season. In May we started our “We are fancy and we know it” release tour. Together with some label artists I’m touring some clubs in Europe. We started in Berlin in the “Kosmonaut” club. By the end of the year I’m planning to produce a new FUNKWERKSTATT album. In the meantime there will be a few single releases and remixes for several labels.

Thank you very much!

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