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German Garcia

German Garcia on A.F.F.T.E.R remix and Profundo

Towards the end of Summer 2020, Dissident founder Noel Sanger dropped his unique single “A.F.F.T.E.R.” Support on the record was heavy and included names like Guy J, Pete Tong, DJ Zombi, KISS FM, Cevin Fisher, Just Her, Lemon8 and more, and ultimately landing at number 3 in Beatport’s progressive releases. 

Now, nearly 2 years later, this tasty jam with its unmistakable melodic horn section has been remixed by some of Dissident Music’s core artists and friends of the label, including Miami’s Xima Records and Profundo Music co-founder, German Garcia who turns in a sterling organic house mix, full of life and melody and ready for all of your summer adventures. 

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With the EP out now, we caught up with German for a chat. 

Thanks for talking to us – can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you first got into music? 

I was born in Uruguay South America and lived there till I was about 19-20. My good friend growing up Diego that I went to school with had a cool set up in a party room in the back of his home and we got to mix old CDs on a rudimentary but awesome at the time 4 channel mixer and that’s kind of how I got introduced into the DJ world. 

Were there any artists that particularly inspired you when you started out, either in terms of the music or their personalities and the way they presented themselves? 

Deep Dish and their sound were always something I loved growing up. Later on, my friend Al introduced me to guys like Dave Seaman, Nick Warren and even Okee where I fell in love with their sound and electronic music took over my life. 

If there’s one thing that characterises your music, what would you say that is? 

I hate to put myself in a box but regardless of what style of music I make I always or most of the time end up with melodic elements on the final product. 

Your new remix for Dissident is really melodic and beautiful – would you say this is a style you’ve become particularly fond of in the last few years?

Thank for the kind words. I guess lately I’ve been more inspired to work on organic/melodic and Afro sounding tunes, but I love making all kinds of music. 

Do you have to get into a different mindset when you’re approaching a remix as opposed to an original production? 

I don’t really have a set approach to making music being original or remixes, all projects are their own thing and I approach them as such. In this particular case, Noel had two elements on the remix pack that were beautifully written and I knew then which direction I was going to go with them. 

Some artists don’t listen to the original track, but will just create solely from the parts – is that an approach you take? 

Sometimes I like to listen to the original out of curiosity and to see how the elements come together. Then I kind of deconstructed the track in my head to then put it back together in a different form. But at times I also go straight to the parts and listen to the single elements and start arranging them based on the flow that day. 

What else should we be looking out for from you this year? 

This year I’m focusing on finalizing projects and delivering quality music. I have another remix coming on my imprint Profundo for a great local artist, Lance (Inlighten) in the next few weeks and finishing my release which is going to be on the melodic / afro side of things also coming out on Profundo. 

Finally, can you recommend one record that’s been unfairly slept on so far this year?

I’m going to be totally biased and say Blue Life By Dyab Out on my imprint Profundo. The track sounds amazing and always gets a great response from the crowd. 

Thank you.

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