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German producer TH;EN

German producer TH;EN delivers 3-track Shine EP on Purified Records

Making waves on the progressive, melodic house and techno scene over the past few years with releases on the likes of Diynamic and Odd One Out, German producer TH;EN lands on Purified Records with his diverse 3-track Shine EP – out now on all streaming platforms.

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With the title track making a massive impact in sets around the globe over the past half a year, the highly-anticipated record combines thunderous bass and gliding synths to gain control. Taking audiences on an epic journey across breaks and peaks, this cut has worked its magic on crowds from Coachella to Purified Miami ahead of its official release.

Moving into Get Down, tribal percussion is met with driving sounds and sporadic vocals in this indie dance piece. Closing the EP with Berlin, TH;EN captures the essence of the dancefloor, juxtaposing celestial synths with groove-inducing percussion.

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Established in 2014, TH;EN is a German-born project from Enzo, and has been making waves with his outstanding progressive, melodic house and techno productions. Gaining consistent support from the industry’s greatest acts, TH;EN has built up a solid streaming presence with his originals, remixes and collaborations. While he has achieved massive success in recent years, he firmly believes this is only the beginning. With previous releases on revered imprints, he continues to gain recognition for his daring and diverse creations. Experimenting with a wide range of genres, his sound remains unpredictable and exciting. It is a project that aims to fill the listener’s heart and lift their spirits, to make them think deeper and love one and other. He is dedicated to connecting and bringing people together. “When I’m surrounded by our musical friends and family, I’m complete. I am happy. I am my best self. So, to that I say, let the music play!” – TH;EN.

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