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Riga-based artists Queer on Acid

Get into a rave mood with Queer on Acid

Next up in our guest mix series ‘TGMS presents’ is Riga-based Queer on Acid. The mix is recorded to celebrate their remix of Walker & Royce’s “Fetish” which is out now on Amber Muse.

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01. Gina Breeze – Reckless
02. DJ Mourad – One Night Stand (Rennie Foster’s Sex Sells Remix)
03. Walker & Royce – Fetish (Queer on Acid Remix)
04. Kill Fenzy – Saint Laurent
05. Paranoid London – Drum Machine (Album Edit)
06. Madame – Falling Phase
07. Patrick Carrera – Phantom (Mark Broom Remix)
08. Cari Lekebusch – Flip a Lid
09. Oleg Mass – Arrival Of His
10. Boxwork – Hot Wheels 2
11. D. Strange – Shift
12. Kettama – Stay Still
13. Thumpasaurus – Dance Like It’s Your Life (Asquith’s Soul of House Remix)

Hey guys, where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
We’re from Riga, Latvia, which is located in the middle of the Baltic States. We love our beautiful city very much, despite the queer culture and electronic music scene – where we come from – here is quite tiny these days. What we find inspiring about our city is that in the very beginning of the ’90s it became a point through which electronic music and rave culture came to the post-Soviet space.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
We discovered electronic music in the ’90s when it was something new and very exciting. At the time with no internet in our lives we tried to find these new thrilling rhythms all over the place: listening to BBC Radio 1 and Radio 538’s Dance Department radio shows, watching MTV Party Zone, recording music from these programs to cassettes and playing them till death. We read music reviews in Muzik, Mixmag and DJ Mag and bought records based only on these reviews – and waited for their arrival with great excitement. We still carry this original admiration for music.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
Entirely. At different times we had different heroes: music producers, DJs and radio hosts. Since we are closely connected to the radio and run two labels now (Amber Muse and Queer on Acid), we try to listen to a lot of other radio shows and DJ mixes: discovering new artists and labels is much more exciting than just following big and established names. There are a lot of gems around, but because of the large information flow a lot gets lost, and when you find some new gorgeous artist or music, it’s just great.

How do you see your future within the electronic music scene?
We see ourselves working hard as we used to in the past two-three decades. Queer on Acid is the new project we came up with this summer, and now everything looks promising for it.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
One hour of energy, charge, raw dirty sound with elements of acid, in short, rave mood!

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