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Getting soulful with NIAN

NIAN is a new collaborative project by two producers based in London and Seville. The duo, who have worked together in the past under a different alias, have now made their first new appearance on ANMA and Flumo’s joint release remixing Dj Aakmael’s original track “Possibilities“, centring on a more soulful aspect of the beat with focus on breaks, synthesiser enthused soundscapes and improvised key lines.

How are you doing?
Very well thank you. Enjoying life, music, food and positive energy.

Tell us a bit about your project. Why NIAN?
Very simple. We meet once or twice a year and spend some time in the studio and hopefully walk out with good music.
For those who know us personally, it will be quite easy to understand why we chose a two syllable word to describe our project, as it is a reference to both of our names (little hint). So what better way to describe who we are and what we, as artists, want to communicate to people?

Who is who and what is the role of each in this project?
Two dudes that share a passion for music and food. We don’t have a specific role in this project nor in the studio. But when it comes to cooking during long studio sessions, then each one of us knows their strength!

What can we expect from the mix you made for us?
A mix of smooth, deep, jazzy and upbeat tunes straight from the soul.

What direction are you heading with NIAN and how much does it differ from your own style?
We don’t have specific directions or goals with this project. It’s just a way for us to spend some time together, listen to tons of music and if we feel inspired maybe lay down some beats and melodies. We never walk in the studio (if we even get to that stage) knowing what will the outcome be. But we definitely get inspiration from music that we listen and producers that we admire. A few of them are definitely Ron Trent, Louie Vega, Glenn Underground, 4hero, Lars Bartkuhn and many many more (sorry, the list is too long)

Tell us a bit about upcoming releases and maybe even gigs.
We have a remix for Dj Aakmael coming out in the next couple of weeks. We have worked on this in the past few months and were really happy to be given the opportunity as Aakmael is a sick producer and for us was really challenging to keep the level of the production to his standards. Hopefully, we did!
On top of that, we just have unfinished projects that hopefully we can release soon.
In terms of gigs, we are just doing local and national appearances, not as NIAN, but with our respective solo projects,

With NIAN we want to focus for now more on the production side and set up a live/dj format to go on the road.

Thank you!

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