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GHEIST lands on Embassy One with formidable label debut, Only

One of the most unique, impactful live acts in electronic music today, there seems to be no slowing of the insuperable creative force that defines GHEIST. Boasting a wealth of critically acclaimed releases on the likes of Watergate, Diynamic, Last Night on Earth, Mobilee, Stil Vor Talent and their very own RADAU imprint (to name a few), the in-form, Berlin-based production trio and live outfit now land on esteemed German imprint, Embassy One, for their eagerly anticipated label debut, with Only.

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Steadfast in their resolute commitment to originality, GHEIST’s impressive musicality shines front and centre, alongside the act’s long-standing penchant for raw, melodic soundscapes. Staying true to their roots, GHEIST takes the listener on an emotional and melancholic rollercoaster across the entirety of the single, which finds its undeniable high in its beautiful crafted break. Seemingly made for festival season with its warm, heavy bass and thriving beat, the song shows confidence but at the same time feels honest and fragile, building up to a short but meaningful vocal appearance “under your halo I came to be a trapped man‘s embassy”.

Speaking about the record, GHEIST commented:

Only new beginnings have a certain energy and magic which come with a certain state of flow. Escaping the shadow of what was and starting a new musical chapter over and over, gives us drive and joy.

Familiar faces on the Berlin scene for a number of years now, GHEIST have merged their prior experiences in successful bands with hundreds of hours lost on the underground dance floors of the infamous city, to create a live act that connects the sound and vibe of an electronica band with the clarity of an energetic DJ-Set. Established in 2016 with their immense debut on Exploited, the trio has taken the electronic music world by storm over the past six years with their ever-expanding discography and instantly recognisable sound palette. Now known for their unique energy and standout live performances, the German natives have forged a deep and melodic sound of their own, which is melancholic and euphoric in equal measure. 

Out now, Only feels like the next chapter for GHEIST, on a road taken after their album Zukunft in November 2021. As the three-man outfit shows their exciting development from release to release, they leave their audience with high anticipation for everything to come. With more exciting releases on Embassy One on the horizon and an increasingly busy touring schedule, GHEIST look set to leave a truly indelible mark on live electronic music over the months and years to come.

GHEIST – Only is out now via Embassy One:

GHEIST Tour Dates

15.07. Amman, Jordanien 

16.07. Electric Castle, Cluj, Romania 

17.07. Kafes, Istanbul, Turkey 

23.07. Kasachstan 

06.08. Südpol, Luzern, Switzerland 

11.08. FEST Festival, Poland

12.08. About You Pangea Festival, Germany 

13.08. Family Piknik Montpellier, France 

14.08. Sacred Ground Festival, Germany 

19.08. Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden 

20.08. Fridas Pier, Stuttgart, Germany 

27.08. Kafes, Istanbul, Turkey 

03.09. Airfield Festival, Böblingen Open Air, Germany 

04.09. Bern (Affekt)

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