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Goyanu talks about his new release, "Locomotive Breath"

Goyanu and the art of sampling: artist talks about his new release, “Locomotive Breath”

Goyanu is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, designer and live act. The Berlin-based Brazilian artist brings us a new perspective on the song “Locomotive Breath” by the iconic 70s band Jethro Tull. The original song comes in a progression of chords and melodies that bring up deep and complex feelings experienced during the band’s golden era.

The track leads to nostalgia, remembering an important decade for Rock

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Goyanu’s version, on the other hand, uplifts and inspires the audience in a progressive and lively walk to let out a cry of relief in the crowd. At this point, we realize that both tracks significantly fulfill a larger purpose, of integrating with the space and the people. There has to be a sharp technique to achieve such a result, so the artist elaborates: 

“Rock n roll has always been a part of my musical life, and this contributed to the inspiration to work on this remix. ‘Locomotive Breath’ is a track full of very energetic parts, especially the flute line originally written by Ian Anderson, the band’s frontman. I tried to apply my style by highlighting the most striking elements of the track, including melody and vocal harmony”.

I tried to apply my style by highlighting the most striking elements of the track, including melody and vocal harmony.

The producer brings in his musicality a deep connection with nature and its energy, taking inspiration from the Divine and ancestral sounds. Goyanu refers to the name Goyaz, which comes from an indigenous community in the heart of Brazil. The term “gew ya” means “same people” or “as one”. And this profile translates perfectly when we press play and are able to connect with the artist’s idea and his connection to the whole. Goyanu tells us a bit more about his production process with the track:

“The original song has as its main highlight the originality in the insertion of the transverse flute in a rock band. These are the details that draw my attention. The mixture, the experiments, and the search for an interesting combination between instruments and the electronic approach of dance music.”.

And this is an achievement that demands exceptional work in theory, production, and audience reading. The artist delivers a track that takes us into nostalgia remembering an important decade for Rock, delivering history and beats that raise the track to a higher level. It’s worth a listen!

Article by Mia Lunis

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