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Big Jawn

Gratitude Migration 2016 Interview : Big Jawn

Combining sounds from across the globe, this psychedelic downtempo DJ infuses world, disco, eastern, Indian, flamenco, dub, ambient & electronica into an upbeat spiritual groove sure to move the body as well as center the mind and soul. His mixing style is multi-layered telling a bigger story throughout his sets. Big Jawn has been a resident Philadelphia Experiment DJ since its inception feeling most at home spinning at sunrise and end of the night sets. His favorite memories as a DJ are playing as the sun is just creeping up and seeking the last bits of energy out of people before they float off to sleep after a long night of dancing. He has opened up for acts such as Shpongle, Younger Brother, and Infected Mushroom.

TGMS : Hey guys, I’m here with Big Jawn outside of his Headlining appearance at Silk City Diner at one of my favorite Philadelphia monthlies, PEX Vs. Playloop.

We are here to talk about Gratitude Migration and PEX’s (The Philadelphia Experiment) roll at the event and to get your thoughts about everything.

This is Big Jawn’s second year at Gratitude Migration. Tell me about year one and your feelings about this year.

BJ : I’m very excited to be back on the beach. What a great event this is. Everyone from the producers all the way across the board do such an amazing job. It’s very good for the community and surrounding areas.I’m really glad to be back. I really love the beach aspect of it in the sun. It’s a great combination for the Summer, you can’t really beat it! Amazing music, partying under the stars on beach, I mean, come on…(We both

TGMS: Tell us about PEX.

BJ: Well this year PEX is coming out of retirement. We haven’t had a theme camp in 6 or 7 years I believe.

TGMS: Since Burning Man.

BJ: That old dust bowl. (We laugh again.) We are dreaming up some new ideas and we aren’t trying to be too public about them, but I can tell you that they will be something to remember and definitely that PEX vibe. As much music as possible, all of our DJs are going to be there, 24/7 music, hopefully, If every thing goes well and we can all keep awake, we all have kids now. (We laugh again, this guys funny.) We’re very excited. We’re gonna be linking up some really cool fire effects with another group and I think we might even get the chance to hear Lee (Mayjahs) spin again.

TGMS: What’s going on with you personally? Gigs etc.

BJ: We have the 8th Annual PEX Summer Fest down in Maryland coming up on July 1st. Four days of amazing music, people and workshops, fire performances, community. A really great time! Then we have Gratitude Migration 2 weeks after that and then Myself, Ospina and Everyday take on The Toca Cielo Party @ Cielo, NYC on July 30th. RSVP on

TGMS: Cielo !! Wanna hear something funny? Davidson told me one gig there is worth 10 gigs elsewhere !! (We both laugh out loud) Congratulations on that. That’s HUGE! Once you’ve played Cielo you know you’re doing something right.

BJ : (Gives me a big hug) Thank you, man.  It’s definitely been a dream of mine to play there. It’s one of the best sounding clubs in the world. It’s gone be a blast playing along side of my brothers up there.

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