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greg shepherd - divine

Sweet deep divine release from Greg Shepherd

Great things come in pairs. In this case 2 great tracks on each side of this sublime vinyl release from Greg Shepherd. Deep emotions on all four tracks backed with a solid rhythmic groove.

The release is called ‘Divine’ and is out on the Swiss record label Finefood Records. We will need to wait until March 3, 2017 for the official vinyl release and April 2 for the digital. The label is pretty early with teasing. But we are not complaining as this is sweet delight with the two originals and two remixes pressed in black grooves.

The title track ‘Divine’ contains steady pulsating beat with organic vibes. Sweet layered percussion backed with a hypnotizing vocal sample. If we would put a 4-beat on repeat we will go on all night. The remix of the original comes from the Berlin-based Soukie & Windish. Adding a strong pounding beat they throw in some extra energy.

The second original is called ‘Cosmic Child’ is more to be seen as a deep space soundscape. Ambient sounds combined with a voice explaining ‘electronic music’ make this a fun track to be played late at night. Let’s call it captivating. Also, this track can be put on repeat and go on all night long. Thomas T & Anish add a subtle break into the original’s rhythm and create and extra dimension. Love this approach and the vibe it creates.

Press play and be patient for the release to come out.

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