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H.Paul – Armor EP

H.Paul - Armor EP

H. Paul – Armor EP

The operator behind the latest NWR exciting podcast, Spanish dj and producer H.Paul joins his name to the growing list of underground techno promising producers being sponsored by the young, fully thriving Amsterdam-based record label with a new release [NWR007] that comes in the already classic Extended Play fashion.

Armor, the three-piece set produced by H.Paul, is a concise, logical way to present the artist’s expansive palette of sounds. Opener, title track starts in a really dark, industrial way only to bring up addictive, back-and-forth drums that are a blatant call to dance to this twisted techno tune.

The second track, Punishment is the Leading, has a classier techno structure, hi-hats holding the tension and a fair share of underlying sound effects and sophisticated production tricks. Like penetrating echoes and lingering loops that get the track to work in so many different planes.

Closer piece, False to Back, is the most instant club choice of them three. This for its pace and mood that are made for the dance floor. Its relentless drums and incessant rhythm are the key elements that make this tune so danceable.

Long story short, H.Paul represents a fully developing industrial techno culture that is more and more present in the underground clubbing circuit every day.

About NWR

By association, Next Week Records finds interesting to promote dj’s and producers that are working on this wave by releasing a series of EPs that serve as a joint catalog of this new form of making techno music.

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Rating: 4/5
Label: Next Week records
Release date: Jan 27, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Armor
  2. Punishment is leading
  3. False to back

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