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Hannes Rasmus – Musik Für Fünf Maschinen (Traum V174)

Hannes Rasmus

Last year Hannes Rasmus released a very nice record called “Analog ist Besser” on Gold Panda’s Notown record label. The single he used to promote the album is an extremely nice and danceble minimal track called “Wir sind hier nicht in Detroit, Dirk”(We are not in Detroit, Dirk). It’s a rythmic album with soft bass and beats that combines layerd keys and piano.

Hannes Rasmus has developed a big knowledge for vintage synthesizers over the years and his challenge has been to write music with hardware, sequencer and synths. We are talking about a person who really loves to live up with his analogue gear. So when he is not making music you can see him with a soldering iron building synthesizers with DIY kits or fixing old synths in his Hamburg based studio which he is forming and building to his own personal demands.

Musik Für Fünf Maschinen

On Monday 14/04 Hannes Rasmus his new EP “Musik Für Fünf Maschinen” got released on Traum. The title refers to the equipment he used to write the music. Funny, but the title of the tracks however refer to swimming pools.

We are not going to start with the opening track but with one of digital extra’s. The remix of ‘Die Rache Der Gummienten’ by Nick Dow is simply enjoyable. For days it’s on repeat as we just can’t get enough of it. For this he used the original sequences written by Hannes Rasmus and he has combined his emotional and pulsating glitchy style to create a fascinating deep and driving version of this original. If you listen to ‘Iron Leaves’ of his own album, you’ll here some of the same synths he used in this remix. Highly recommended for dance floor usage.

Do listen to the Scottish producer’s stunning debut on Traum with “The Insect Parade” »

“Eine Leichte Brise Weht Über Das Sonnendeck”, the first tarck, reminds us of the early Detroit techno. During the course of the track it suddenly takes a big leap, when another nice and heavy vintage synths kicks in. The track continues with some more additions of synth loops and a soft beat. The title of the track translates “A breeze blows over the sun deck” and this is exactly how to describe it.

The next track “Die Rache Der Gummienten” starts out straight with an hypnotizing analogue sequence and is followed by simple and uplifting beat and synth. The analogue sequence pulls you into the track and after a while feels like a georgious melody that makes you smile. We feel less of a breeze here but more of a cloud formation moving on the horizon in double speed.

Then something that sounds completely different: “Blicke Über Den Planschbeckenrand”. This track starts out with a soft synth and a heavy bass. It feels like a wave form taken you to hights and lows. The track is equally euphoric as the other tracks but keeps the understatement making it a very charming and forceful tune.

The last track on the EP is a remix coming from Egokind. The remix of “Die Rache Der Gummienten” is a marvelous fragmented & flavored remix with great a momentum in all of its details. The funky drumming is not what you can usually expect from a Traum release, but this is Egokind doing the job.

The EP is for sale on Junodownload »

Track list:

  1. Eine Leichte Brise Weht Über Das Sonnendeck
  2. Die Rache Der Gummienten
  3. Blicke Über Den Planschbeckenrand
  4. Die Rache Der Gummienten (Nick Dow Remix)
  5. Die Rache Der Gummienten

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