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Hard Techno in its depths, listen to LuizFribs’ EP “Limitless”

Brazilian-based DJ and producer LuizFribs has become a hot topic in the underground music industry, with his heavy bassline and strong kicks signature sound. Delivering an energetic, acid and hard-driven performance through aggressive melodies, the producer has been receiving great support around the globe from names like Cera Khin, Dax J, Varya Karpova, Exil Der Schatten, Callush, Lee Ann Roberts among many others.

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With Techno in its depths, LuizFribs released his newest gem, The EP Limitless on the polish label The Meaning Of Rave. The piece counts with 3 original detailed tracks and 4 remixes, with element selections that weave a tapestry from start to finish. “Limitless”, the title track is a banger and literally boundaryless composition, followed by “Desirable” and “Love Lies”, which has received 2 remixes with dedicated energy putting the dancefloor-ready to go. 

After being considered one of the new highlights of the Brazilian Midwest Techno scene by the electronic music specialized website Play BPM in 2018, Luiz has been delivering consistent productions well aligned with synth-driven, old school trance and techno with scintillating cuts.  

The producer has incorporated the violin into Techno in a very distinctive and unusual way, distorting, looping, stretching and heavily processing it in order to give the instrument a more modern and brutal sound. His live performance is marked by dynamic improvisations, where he feels free to create full tracks on demand, but also to execute his already known and released ones, as we can see clearly, this is just the beginning.

Article by Mia Lunis

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