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Hrederik dropping a deep & tech house groove

We are proud to present the latest mix in our guest mix series. This installment comes from Hrederik Okel. Hailing from the north of Europe, Finland to be precise, he dropped us a great groove filled with deep & tech house delights. On top he adds an exclusive track of his recent EP Alterative.

Play it loud and enjoy the mix and short interview below.

01. IDQ – Easy Times
02. Ryan Davis & Microtrauma – Traces
03. Jos & Eli ft. Jinadu – Obscured mind
04. Acud – Das Getriebe (Arjuna Schiks Remix)
05. Stan Kolev ft. Sula Mae – Fill Me Up (Original Vocal Mix)
06. Olivier Giacomotto, Noir, Hendrik Burkhard – Blackrays
07. Hrederik – Addicted (Xclusive Alterative EP)
08. Hrederik – Alterative (Xclusive Alterative EP)
09.Coyu & Timmo – Back To Oblivion
10. D-Unity – Singing for money
11. Highly Sedated – Last Call
12. UMEK – Squadmates

Tell us about how you ended up playing and producing electronic music to make people dance. Did you see this all coming?
Oh, it started in high school, when my classmate Alex showed me Cubase back in 2010. I realized, that all the melodies in my head could be transferred into a programm and it can make me hear it, and even enjoy it. Alex and I, kept trying and playing and thus progressing. But there were so many things to learn. All our music was quite ‘sh*tty’ back then, actually. But it did not make us lose interest in creating music. In the beginning we used FL studio, but little after we switched to Ableton.

Now I have my own project. The reason I became a DJ – is because of my brother. He teached me how to compose music. I’ve some gigs coming up in Scandinavia next May.

Where do you draw your creative influences from?
My close friends and my family – are my source of inspiration. Honestly, it’s nice to receive support from your friends, who listen to your music and they actually care. Sometimes I send my cut versions to them to receive feedback – to improve, to add some extra parts. Or even delete the project at all. I’m thankful to my co-workers (WE-A-RE, LEQU, Andrew Grigo, ArchiON).

Tell us something about the gear you use to DJ? To produce?
I use Ableton, a midi keyboard and headphones. That’s all.
Often I go to the studio, because not all the tools can be used with headphones. And it’s necessary to check the sound – when it’s ‘loud’. 🙂

Mixing and mastering are done by partners. By the way – there are 2 tracks for you on 00:30:00 in my mix. More about it later.
My process of producing my music depends on my inspiration or wishes I have at the moment. But the process is usually the same. There’s no magic in that.

What record is your ultimate favourite?
Disclosure – Holding On (ft. Gregory Porter)

What have you planned for the rest of this year? Any new mixes or releases coming up?
The first release of my project is called #FSG and will be out on Check In Recordings (Housesession group). I have one Techno EP ready that is called Alterative. It has two tracks Alterative и Addicted.
And I am preparing to deep collab with my friend from Saint-Petersburg, Artem (Bio Bros.)

Do you want to tell us about the mix you made us? Why these specific tracks?
The first 30 minutes are proper deep house, things I play during sunrise/sunset. It was amazing, when looking at people, who are dancing on the beach and swim in the ocean. When they hear tracks like Wine Festival, Popovka [Kazantip Republic]. From 00:31:00 to 00:41:00 there is an exclusive track from my new EP ‘Alterative’.

Thank you Tanzgemeinschaft for the short interview!

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