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I Fall In Neon

I Fall In Neon unleashes his new album Catharsis

The live act and musician “I Fall in Neon” grew up in Ukraine and now lives in Germany. “Catharsis” is the title of his new album being released on “Poly Unique” and includes a total of 8 songs. The music on “Catharsis” is most likely to be classified in the genre Electronica, but also contains influences of deep house, techno and post-rock.

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Two of the songs on the album are spiced up by the collaboration with a female and a male singer. The unique voices of these two artists complement the music flawlessly and give it additional emotional depth.

“I Fall in Neon” is known for its innovative sound experiments and its talent for merging different genres. “Catharsis” continues this tradition and shows the artist’s abilities to
their full extent. The album offers a dynamic journey through various soundscapes and creates a unique mood that almost absorbs the listener. The term “catharsis” refers to the process of releasing and thus relieving strong or repressed emotions. In the context of the album, it speaks of both the current social situation and the artist Alex Rodin’s personal experiences over the past two years. War at home, social anxiety, the pandemic and the changes in Alex’s life during this time influenced the creation of the album, resulting in a heterogeneous collection of tracks that reflect his journey.

However, throughout the album, there is a constant theme of release and the search for relief, catharsis. The album is a creative expression of his inner struggle and offers the listener a way to experience and process similar emotions.

Although only two tracks have lyrics, the titling of the songs alone (and some self-interpretation) expresses the artist’s struggles, personal crises, and thoughts quite well. No doubt, the album is a hidden treasure for fans of electronic music and for those who are always on the hunt for new sound adventures.


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