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Dj & producer Adeline

In conversation with Adeline

Adeline is a producer, DJ and vocalist with a unique style

Adeline is a producer, DJ and vocalist with a unique style that has won her fans across the globe. She’s a diminutive figure that punches well above her weight in the DJ booth and studio and always manages to have crowds in the palm of her hand.

Brought up in the rolling Swedish countryside, she ouldn’t resist the allure of the underground club scene. In 2006 she founded the electronic music duo Housewives with La Fleur. And before long she was presenting on Scandinavia’s biggest radio show as well as working as a curator for SoundCloud.

In recent years she has spent time in New York, Milan and Berlin and then landed in London before moving to Ibiza where she secured her own residency at Pacha’s Destino venue as well as Tox, playing alongside the likes of AudioFly, DJ Tennis and Blond:ish. With a strong sense of self and an ability to lay down hypnotizing chords and wobbly bass next to magic melodies, Adeline’s own playful vocals are the icing on the cake.

Adeline has gone on to release standout productions on the likes of Resonance, Culprit and Get Physical’s Kindisch and now also Crosstown Rebels.

Adeline has established herself, she continues to confound expectation and is a rightfully respected modern talent.

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A short chat with Aline

Let’s go straight to your upcoming release on Crosstown Rebels, ‘You’re sick’? Tell us all about it. The story behind the title, the process, the idea?
I draw inspiration from my life and the experiences that change me. It’s funny actually, cause I wrote You*re sick quite a while ago but just a couple of months ago I met the person that this song actually was about. So, sometimes the song comes first and then the experience in this reality came afterwards! Very trippy actually. I like to have ambiguous messages and take the listener on a trip.

Inspired by the ever-evolving journey that is life, this EP takes you on a trip through dark club nights and early mornings, as I tell my story with words and sounds… bringing you to the other side.

Adeline’s ‘Your Sick’ EP is out on Crosstown Rebels. Grab your copy »

You have D’Julz, a Fabric resident, doing a fantastic remix. How did this collaboration come together?
I’ve always been a fan of D’Julz, his label and productions, and I’ve known him for a couple of years now, our roads most often crossing in Ibiza. I’m such a fan of the timeless sound he represents and felt it would be an exciting take for a remix on this EP.

What’s next release-wise? Do you have a filled schedule?
I’m launching my own label called Body Frequency after the summer and I have a remix for my sista from another mista La Fleur coming out in September.

How do you push your limits release after release? How do you look up to new work, what’s the creative process? What are the parameters you take into account if there are any?
For me growing as an artist is the same was growing as a person. I do a lot of self-exploratory work and that helps me understand myself better and hence express myself better. I know that as long as I keep working on being the best version of myself my work will just get better and better.

I do a lot of self-exploratory work and that helps me understand myself better and hence express myself better.

You are a vocalist as well? Do you do your own vocals on your own releases or do you let others do the work as well?
I always do my own vocals. It’s part of my expression. The voice is a very powerful instrument if you learn how to use it. It’s the one instrument that comes built into our bodies since birth, so it can convey a lot if we learn to use it authentically.

Maybe tell us about what first got you started into the world of electronic music?
I started DJ’ing back in Stockholm during university years in the mid-2000s. I was rolling away on my longboard to signup for a DJ school that was just kicking off which was an extraordinarily serious one spanning 3 months. I was living my life with a very academic approach so that was probably exactly the format that I needed. After that, I threw myself into the Stockholm club scene straight away, and later on hosted club nights (one together with La Fleur called Housewives), was playing all over Sweden and also hosted the biggest electronic music radio show in Scandinavia on Swedish National Radio. PS. I did finish my studies and got that M. Sc in Mathematics. after all DS.

What were the milestones that brought you closer to achieving your dream to become a DJ/producer?
Just never giving up! Keeping experimenting and finding new ways to do things is a great recipe for success in any area.

The process of learning to make electronic music might reveal to you how little you know. Doesn’t that make you increasingly aware of how much more you need to learn to get anywhere close to where you want to go?
Of course, you always learn more, that’s why it’s such an exciting expression to work with music. It’s just never-ending. 🙂

Are there things you still want to accomplish and learn?
Of course! This is for sure never gonna stop! I want to take my shows live and do more live shows, but I also want to keep DJng all over the world!

What do you do to push the energy?
I tune into the zone and let that energy lead me. It’s a very subtle undoing really, it’s about surrendering and trusting the flow.

Your skills in the studio are perhaps what has gotten you the deserved recognition you’re now enjoying. What is some key studio advice you would give other aspiring producers?
The most important thing for me to learn was to just stop caring so much about what came out of my studio sessions. I’m dividing my work into two phases, which is the coming up with ideas without judgement phase, and then there’s the finishing phase. In the first phase, I don’t listen back until many days later, it’s great just to get that flow going. Then I decide what to finish in the last phase and that’s when I let myself be more analytical about things.

Thank you so much!

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